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Application Package

Application Guide and Forms

Steps required to complete application process

Job Applicant:

This Application Package will provide Applicant with information
about Solar Direct, and the forms and accompanying instructions necessary to apply.

Applicant's responses will help management determine compatibility with the position, and with Solar Direct's team. In order to be eligible for this opening, Applicant must view and complete all steps below.

  1. Self-Directed Evaluation

    This first step is a self-directed evaluation to determine if
    the Applicant meets the basic requirements for this position.

    First learn about Solar Direct through the links directly below. Then, if basic requirements listed below in Step 1 and 2 are met, applicant completes an Application Form in Step 3.

    Learn about Solar Direct - view links below to become familiar with our company, our vision, and our operation:


  2. Review Job Description

    Review Job Description and Requirements

    Select Job Description from list below:

  3. Complete and submit Application Form

    Requires 30 to 60 minutes to complete

    The Application Form will require the following information:

    Personal and professional information including address, contact methods, and emergency contact information

    Copy of valid Drivers License, proof of residence, and
    valid social security identification number

    Copy of Applicant's resume

    Digital Photograph

    Answer series of online interview questions

    Select Application Form from list below:

    View Application deadline, and projected hiring decision and start date at Career Opportunities Listing

    Important: Do not proceed with Step 4 until notified by Human Resources.

    Human Resources will review Applicant's submissions:

    All Applicants will be contacted to be informed of status after review of all applications

    Selected Applicants will be contacted by email and/or phone to be invited to schedule a phone interview with the Department Director

    Based on phone interview results, the final group of selected Applicants will be notified to continue with Step 4 of the Application Process.

  4. Complete Competency Exams

    During this stage, applicants will be asked to complete several competency tests to verify their skills in sales, computers, and technical areas.

  5. Complete online Personality Assessment:

    Requires 15 to 20 minutes to complete questions

    Provides a two page report on personality profile

    • Go to Personality Assessment
    • Review "Discover Yourself - Mini Adult Personality Assessment" [product code #3002]
    • Purchase by selecting Quantity 1,
      Click Add to Basket
    • Complete Checkout process
    • Click on "Place Order without account"
    • Complete shipping and billing information
    • Select Ship Via "UPS Free" when checking out
    • Applicant receives an access Code - follow instructions to complete online assessment
    • Applicant will receive Report results via email
    • Important: upon receipt of Report, email a copy to

  6. A second phone interview may be required during
    the final selection process

    Management will then select Final Applicant
    from the field of Applicants

    All Applicants will be notified of final decision status

    Final Applicant will be invited to join Solar Direct Team; following successful completion of step 5 and 6,
    new Team Member will be notified of start date

  7. Final Applicant release and review

    Final Applicant must sign release for Background Check;
    after completion, Human Resources review, and acceptance
    of background check, Final Applicant completes Step 6.

    Background Check Permission Form

  8. Final Applicant review and signature

    Final Applicant reviews and signs Independent Sub-Contractor Agreement; this form includes acceptance of the following:

    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Partnership and Performance Agreement

    Policy Handbook Agreement

    Technology Requirements

  9. New Team Member Orientation and Training

    Solar Direct IT Department assists with Remote Technology setup and equipment/software orientation:

    Remote Technology Setup Assistance

    After Remote Technology setup, a Start Date is determined and Contract becomes effective; then Orientation begins:

    VOIP Soft Phone and Voice Mail

    Receive Solar Direct Directory of Personnel

    Introduction to Solar Direct Team members

    Shopping Cart and Back Office Functionality

    Sales Procedures; Daily Sales Report

    TraxTime Orientation

    Product review; specific areas of expertise review

    Ongoing Weekly Sales Training

    Weekly/Bi-weekly Personal and Professional Performance Team Coaching Meeting

    Sales Representative begins daily activities based on
    Job Description.

Thank you for considering Solar Direct,

Human Resource Department

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