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Remote Staff Operations

Technology Requirements

Implementation of remote virtual office hardware/software

Subcontractors and sales associates are required to connect to the Solar Direct VPN [Virtual Private Network]. They are also required to have installed and functioning the following information technology needed to successfully operate from a remote virtual office and to maintain a secure network:

     Hardware Specifications:
Computer   Minimum: Pentium 3
Processor   Minimum: Intel 1200 mhz+ or
Amd Athlon 1100mhz+
Memory   Minimum: 256 megabytes [MB] of RAM;
Highly Recommended: 512+ megabytes,
extra memory improves responsiveness
Hard Disk   Minimum: 10 GB with 2 GB free space
Web Cam   Recommended: Logitech QuickCam 4000
Head Set   Minimum: Plantronics Headset including microphone w/USB connection Models: #SP500 or .Audio510-USB
Recommended Upgrade: Plantronics Model #.Audio550-USB or CS50-USB Wireless
Input/Output   Required: Printer, FAX, Scanner, CD player
Display   Required: VGA resolution 17" - 19" Dual Monitors [requires dual output video card];
two monitors required for multiple applications

     Software Specifications:
  Recommended: Windows XP Pro w/SP2
Accepted: Windows XP Home Edition w/SP2
Productivity   Recommended: Microsoft Office XP 2003,
Accepted: Office 2000
  Required: Remote Administrator;
Enables remote assistance from Solar Direct
with any IT or Sale related issues
VOIP   Required: VoiceOver IP Edge SoftPhone software
AntiVirus   Required: AVG w/auto updates
AntiMalware   Required: AD-Aware, SpyBot, Search
and Destroy, plus Google Popup Blocker

     Internet Specifications:

Required: Cable or DSL Internet
Minimum: 384kbs upload / 512kbs download
required to support virtual conferencing and
quality of call with voice over ip systems
Recommended: higher up/down speed upgrade
Not Acceptable: Satellite Internet; Dial-up; AOL

Firewall   Required: Linksys router w/ hardware firewall; if using a laptop computer, it must be hardwired to the router [no wireless connections].
ISP   Internet Service Provider (ISP) must have the following ports open to allow for remote services: 25, 110, 1723, and 4899; user must verifiy with ISP Technical Support before application is submitted

     Remote Restrictions:

At any time Remote User is connected via VPN to Solar Direct and/or Logged in to TraxTime time clock, the user will not:

Use computer for File and/or Music downloading, including P2P programs (Emule, LimeWire, Kazaa, etc);

Stream music and/or video not related to work;

Download, use or share pornography;

Use recreational websites not related to work;

Use chat programs, softphone, or telephone to communicate with friends or relatives; Limited personal use is permitted; however, extended periods will require clocking out;

Use VOIP Softphone for personal local or long distance calls;

Use any third party programs that may be deemed malicious (password cracking, port scanners, hacking tools, scripts, etc);

Discuss Solar Direct business with anyone on or offline other than Solar Direct Staff.


Solar Direct’s IT Department will assist in the implementation
of hardware/software associated with services required for remote
operation and/or security issues.

Questions regarding technical requirements may
be directed to Solar Direct IT Services

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