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Energy Saving Systems

Staber Washing Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I see savings if I am getting water from a well?

The savings you would see if you were using city water would be noticed in a dollar amount. If you are getting your water from a well you will be saving around 30 gallons of water per load, which can be more valuable than the actual money being saved. By using less water, you will also decrease the load on your septic system/drain field. If you think about it, 30 gallons per load adds up very quickly throughout the year.

How do clothes get cleaner using less water & detergent?

The System 2000 has a unique design that allows it to clean more effectively than circular tubs. The patented tub design creates a passive pumping action that literally forces water through the clothing. Because of this turbulence being created by the shape of the tubs and by using less water it requires much less detergent.

Who makes the Staber System 2000?

Since 1976, Staber Industries has been re-manufacturing laundry equipment from laundromats. Based upon this experience, they noticed design flaws by working on several brands of washers and patented a unique tub design to revolutionize the industry. The Staber System 2000 is the only top load horizontal-axis washer made in the U.S. It's been manufactured since 1994 and is distributed worldwide.

What is the tub capacity?

The tub capacity is 1.93 cu. ft., holding 18 lbs. of dry laundry. This is due to being a top loading tumble action design; the entire tub space is usable. Most people will be able to wash up to 50% more laundry per load than they can in typical agitator washers, if they are not overloading their current machine.

What is the length of a wash cycle?

A normal wash cycle will be up to 32 minutes long, plus fill time, which will be partially dependent on water pressure. This includes a 15-minute wash, two 5-minute deep rinses, a 5-minute spin, and a final 2-minute fluff/index. Using "pre-wash" will add 5 minutes to the cycle time. Normal wash times can be set between 1 and 15 minutes.

What are the machine dimensions?

The System 2000 is 26" wide, 27" deep and 42" high. The vertical height of the lid when open is 52".

Is there a water level control?

The System 2000 has a normal and low water level setting. The low setting fills to approximately a 4 gallon water level, while normal fills to approximately a 5.5 gallon water level for each fill.

How many different cycles are there?

There are 3 possible wash cycles: Normal, Permanent Press and Delicate. The cycle controls several operating characteristics of the washer including wash-RPM speed, frequency of reversal during wash, pause time between reversals and final spin speeds.

How many water temperature selections are there?

The System 2000 has 3 wash temperature selections: hot, warm, and cold. All rinses are done in cold water for energy saving benefits.

Do you have a matching dryer?

We will be offering a drying cabinet to go along with our washer. This new high-end product would be an alternative to a conventional clothes dryer. It operates like an accelerated clothesline, circulating air throughout the cabinet. You can put anything in it at the same, and use it for delicate items or things you do not want to shrink. However, any current manufacturer's natural gas or propane dryer would complement the Staber System 2000. We recommend that the gas dryer have dampness sensing capability and not rely solely on a timer to determine end of cycle. Maytag makes an excellent natural gas or propane clothes dryer, for example.


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