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Energy Saving Systems

Staber Washing Machine

Specifications and Operation

Staber Washing Machine available in:

  • Standard White
  • White with with Stainless Steel Base
  • Ivy Green
  • Jet Black
  • Ocean Blue
  • Ruby Red
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Cabinet
    View Stainless Steel model

Time breakdown per maximum load of clothes

Prewash 5 minutes plus fill time 
Wash time Up to 15 minutes plus fill time
Rinse time Two 5 minute rinses plus fill time 
Spin time 5 minutes
Decake/Index 3 minutes

Water use per load in each cycle

Washer Setting




16.5 GAL

12 GAL

Permanent Press

16.5 GAL

12 GAL


16.5 GAL

12 GAL

Pre-Wash & Normal

22 GAL

Normal Hot to Cold usage
This is directly related to the temperature and water level selection

Water Level / Temp



Normal / Hot

5.5 GAL


Normal / Warm

2.7 GAL


Normal / Cold  


Clothes capacity per load: 18 lb.
Detergent use per normal load: 1 oz. Max
Watts of electricity per load: 110-150 watt hours
Motor type: Universal/digital-electronically controlled motor
Motor h.p. rating: Less than ½
Motor amps being drawn in wash: ~ 4 to ~ 5 amps
Motor amps being drawn during spin: ~ 2 amps
Spin cycle rpm:~ 400 (delicate & perm) ~ 600 up to 850  (normal)
Extraction force: ~ 200 g's
Type of drain cycle: Self cleaning electric water pump
The inner drum dia: ~ 23" giving ~ 2 cubic feet of usable volume
Inner & outer tub material: Stainless steel
Automatic dispensers: Prewash, detergent, bleach, softener

Size of machine in inches:
Width = 27 Depth = 26 Back Height = 42 Height with door up = 55
Machine weight: Net  = 175 lbs. Shipping = 240 lbs.

Maintenance and Repair

The unit comes with a manufacturer's warranty on parts. Staber washers are designed to be serviced by the customer. Total front access and simple design allows the customer to maintain and service their machine without having to pay large repair bills. Staber Industries offers guidance on do-it-yourself maintenance and repair. All replacement parts are shipped factory direct by UPS or FedEx to the customer.


General Info
Look Inside
Energy Guide
Owner's Manual

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