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Savior Pool Pump & Filter Review

savior solar pool pump and filter system

Visit our shopping cart to purchase your solar hot water heaterIndependent Review of the Savior

Having a pool at home is indeed something most of us crave for, isn’t it? But having a pool is by no means a small feat. You need to keep your pool clean too. You need a powerful pump to put water in the pool and also to drain it. Then you also need a filter so that your pool remains clean and germ free. Pool water is a big source for various ailments and allergies, so you need to be very careful about the hygiene and cleanliness of your pool. All these matters can add up to your worries. But now the solution is here and there is no need of worry anymore. The Savior NCSF55 Solar Pool Pump and Filter System is all you need to put your worries at bay.

Powerful solar powered pump

The pool pump is quite powerful and it is completely solar powered. This indeed is a savior for you as you can now get out of the tremendous expenses to keep your pool clean. Putting water and draining it from the pool again isn’t something very easy or inexpensive. With this product you can achieve two feats together and they are pouring and draining water into and from the pool and cleaning it. It is able to filter 11,000 gallon water per day with the help of its reusable filter cartridges. As it is completely solar powered it does not add up to the electricity bill and you need not worry about the extra expenses. And also you are not adding up to the pollution level of the surroundings, so in a way you are doing your duty towards the environment.

No installation or battery, low maintenance and noise free

This product does not need any installation or battery to power it up as it collects its power from the solar energy. So you need not worry about the installation and the associated problems or hazards. It also needs low maintenance than the other pool pumps and that means less hazards and more enjoyment. Being least noisy it also does mercy on your ears and also to the peace of the ambience. So it is indeed a handy product for your pool.

Features and specifications

The completely solar powered pump takes away the worry about the huge electricity bills. It protects the environment by not adding up to the pollution level.

  • Being able to filter 11,000 gallon water per day it keeps the water clean and safe for your family.
  • The reusable filter cartridges also reduce the chances of repetitive expenses.
  • There is no installation procedure as such so you do not have to worry about the installation or the expense of it.
  • It does not need any batteries so there is no need to change them after sometime and recurring expenses.
  • Being noise less it frees you of irritation related to a running of a noisy motor.

Customer ratings

The customers are very much satisfied with the product Savior NCSF55 Solar Pool Pump and Filter System. That’s why they have given 5 out of 5 stars to this product at Amazon. They have highlighted the various aspects of the product like its being so efficient and powerful, being completely solar powered and eco friendly, being noise free and irritation free. They have also pointed out that this product works very well and up to its potential. But you need to make sure that the sun rays are unblocked to get the perfect result. So the Savior NCSF55 Solar Pool Pump and Filter System is perfect one for you pool if you are looking for one that is hazardless and noise free.

Awards - The Savior at Events

pool&spascenebest award
"The Pool & Spa Scene magazine choice for best new product at the International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo goes to Savior ... This revolutionary product filters better than conventional systems and saves 100% on your pool electricity bill." — Pool & Spa Scene Magazine

pool spa patio expo award
savior best green awardsavior best new award

Industry professionals packed the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2010 International Pool | Spa | Patio Expo, a panel of industry experts awarded Natural Current with one of the "Best New Product" and the panelists also awarded Natural Current with "Best Green Product" for its Savior solar pump and filtration system.

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