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Bally's Total Fitness Test
Major Savings Reported)

A very successful test has been completed on behalf of Bally's Fitness to prove the efficacy of HEAT$AVR product in a designated Bally's swimming pool.  The purpose of the test was to measure the gas consumption of the main pool heater at Bally's Mission Valley swimming pool over a three-week period.  During the first week we tested gas consumption with the application of HEAT$AVR to the swimming pool.  A gas meter was installed to the main pool heater in order to track total cubic feet of gas used.  The major factors measured were: water temperature, indoor pool room humidity and temperature.

The energy savings in gas consumption recorded during the test was 51%.  The test result is above the average range of 15% to 40%.  This is proof of the positive effect that HEAT$AVR has on energy consumption. The company stands behind its belief that an average of between 15% - 40% savings in gas consumption is attainable since that has been the experience of our existing clientele and extensive tests in the company's archives.

Our experience suggests that an average of 5% savings in energy consumption from applying HEAT$AVR covers the cost of the product, or breakeven cost point. Any savings over and above 5% is money saved.  In addition to energy savings, a reduction of 6% in humidity was recorded. The result of this test indicates net savings and a net profit for Bally's Mission Valley location.  The savings and net profits multiply with each additional Bally's Fitness Center that applies HEAT$AVR.

American Board of Toxicology - Test

Requested from me was a professional opinion on the potential toxic risks from isopropanol and a proprietary ingredient when used in swimming pools as a part of your product HEAT$AVR.  Provided to me were study results that demonstrated that the concentration of isopropanol peaked within 10-25 minutes after addition to the pool and dropped quickly thereafter. The highest peak level measured was 0.8 ppm. Also provided to me were toxicity testing results that found no eye or skin irritation from 50 ppm when tested as the HEAT$AVR product.

I did a literature review and found three references that addressed allowable or no-effect exposure levels for isopropanol.  This information and that supplied by you are summarized in the table below. From this table, it is clear that even the highest concentration found in the pool study is well below concentrations that are either not expected to cause toxicity or are allowed by regulatory authorities.  For these reasons, it is my opinion that under conditions of intended use the isopropanol component of HEAT$AVR presents no health risk to the general public.

Also based on a literature review, I found that at high concentrations (100%) the proprietary ingredient has a very low order of acute toxicity and is only minimally to mildly irritating to eyes and skin. In concentrations used in HEAT$AVR, it is my opinion that the proprietary ingredient would present no health risk to the general public.


Charles A. Lapin, Ph.D.
Diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology
Toxicology Consultant

TABLE #1 - Concentration of Isopropanol in Water

Concentration of Isopropanol in Water


224 ppm

Water consumed daily for 6 weeks produced no apparent ill effects in human volunteers

  70 ppm

No chronic toxicity expected in general popluation

  50 ppm

Not irritating to eyes or skin in toxicity tests

  25 ppm

FDA allows in non-alcoholic beverages

 0.8 ppm

Highest level measured in pool study with HEAT$AVR.

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