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Pool Pilot Troubleshooting




Scale Build-up within the Cell. The water being purified contains high pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness levels. Calculate Langelier's index to assure balanced water. Adjust chemicals if needed and clean the Cell as described above.
DC Plug and Cell Terminals Burned. The Cell plug is not securely pushed onto the cell terminals, allowing moisture to seep into the plug.

The Cell terminals leak.  
Ensure the Cell cord plug is pressed completely onto the Cell terminal. Check the terminals and clean with a dry cloth to remove dirt and corrosion.

Contact the factory for Warranty Status/Procedures.
Premature Cell Failure (Requires Replacement Cell). Abnormally high Cell usage due to an insufficient Stabilizer (Cyanuric acid) level.

Debris in the Cell.

Check the stabilizer level as recommended and adjust.

Inspect the Cell monthly and clean debris if needed.

White Flakes in the Water. This occurs when excessive calcium hardness is present. This should cease after a few days. . Visually inspect Cell for scale build-up and clean the cell as described above. Adjust your water chemistry as needed.
"NO FLOW" Message.
Insufficient Flow (Min. 15 gpm)

A Flow switch wire is loose.
Ensure your Filter and Cell are clean of debris.
Ensure there are no valves diverting flow away from the cell.

Check each end for tightness onto the terminals.
"LOW AMPS" message. Very cold pool water.

The Cell is scaled.

Possible Cell failure.
Lower the output and add a Non-Chlorine Shock
containing Potassium Monopersulfate to the pool
until the water temperature rises above 50?F.

See #2 of this section.

Check with a 957 tester and replace if needed.
Also see #4 of this section.
No GREEN CELL light (Cell Life Depleted).
Low Cell Amperage.

The Cell Cord is Disconnected from the Cell.

Fuse Blown on Power Module.
Replace cell.

Ensure that the cord is firmly pressed into the cell.

Replace Fuse. See Owner's Manual for fuse rating and location.

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