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Vortex Panel Return Instructions

Step 1

Download, print and fill out our Vortex Warranty Request Form, “VWRF”, and send it back to Solar Direct via email, fax or mail with photos*. Initial warranty claims must also submit photographs of the entire solar pool heater installation showing roof plumbing, bottom end plumbing and fastening components to demonstrate that the system is installed according to the installation manual specifications. These photos are also required to document and confirm the location of the leaking panel(s) within the systems array(s).

Photos Required:

Original Warranty Request (Once on file these photos do not need to be resubmitted on any subsequent claim):

1. roof plumbing showing feed and return pipes into panels
2. plumbing at filter showing solar 3-way valve and check valves
3. filter gauge reading w/solar OFF
4. filter gauge reading w/solar ON
5. Pump Hp label.

Original Warranty AND any subsequent Request (These photos need to clearly show the leaks in the panel):

1. each leaking panel
2. the entire row of panels

In addition: At our discretion Solar Direct may request a copy of your installation contract, original invoice and or a copy of your contractors invoice to further assist in verifying your warranty claim.
Please note that all Vortex customers claiming warranty are required to provide all the requested information on the VWRF including photos, failure to do so will increase the warranty processing time and may result in denial of claim. 

Click HERE To Download The Warranty Request Form

Return completed document via eMail, Fax or Mail to:

ATTN: Warranty Processing Department

Email VWRF with required photo’s to:

Fax VWRF with required photo’s to:
800.897.6527 or 941-359-3848

Mail VWRF with required photo’s to:
6935 15th St E, Ste 120, Sarasota FL 34243

Step 2

When we receive your completed VWRF with the required photo’s our Warranty Processing Department “WPD” will then begin the process of reviewing and approving or denying your claim. This process typically takes up to 3 business days to complete.

After the review process has been completed our WPD will email, fax or mail you a “claim status notice” informing whether your claim has been approved or denied.

Note: Failure to complete and provide all the requested information on the VWRF will dramatically increase the warranty processing time and may result in denial of your claim. 

Step 3

Upon receiving an approved warranty claim letter from our WPD you are then required to return the four corners of each leaking panel back to Solar Direct.

Please download and read our “Panel Return Instructions” document before you begin uninstalling the defective panel(s). This form includes instructions on how to remove the defective panel(s) correctly, how to temporarily bypass the missing panel(s), the correct format on how to cut the four corners off of each of the defective panel(s) and how to ship the defective corners back to Solar Direct.

Please note that it is the policy of Solar Direct to only ship replacement Vortex panels when the corners have been received in full. No warranty replacement panel will be released from our warehouse until we have received the correct amount of corners in the correct format outlined in the “Panel Return Instructions” document.

Click HERE for Instructions on returning the defective Panel


step 4

Step 4

When the corners are received by our warehouse department our warranty processing team will then schedule the shipment of your replacement panel(s). Replacement panels typically ship within 7-14 business days starting from the date your corners were received into our warehouse. During our spring and fall solar pool heating seasons shipping processing times can take up to 21 business days.

As per the Vortex Warranty Policy, the customer will be provided a replacement panel(s) at no charge. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for the shipping and warranty processing fees. Shipping costs can range from $50-$100 per box, with 2 panels fitting inside each box. The warranty processing fee is $10.00 per panel. Warranty panels are shipped from our Sarasota FL location. If you would like to pick up your warranty panel(s) you must still follow the above instructions to receive approval prior to the pickup. Your credit card will be charged once your replacement panel(s) has shipped. If you use your own carrier you will only be charged the warranty processing fee. If you elect to pick up your warranty panel(s) you will be required to pay the warranty processing fee when you arrive to our office.


step 4

Step 5

Receiving, storing, unpacking and installing your replacement panels:

Please download and read our “Panel Installation Instructions”. This form will instruct you on how to remove the new replacement panel(s) from the shipping box and install them to your existing system.

Click HERE for Panel Installation Instructions


Attention: Filing a fraudulent claim under the terms and conditions of the Vortex warranty coverage will automatically void any existing Vortex warranties. In addition, the full cost of the replacement panel(s) shipped will be charged to the credit card number provided to Solar Direct on the WRF. 

If you have further comments or questions feel free to use our response request form and a service representative will be in contact with you.

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