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Solar Direct Web Affiliate Program

Make money selling Solar Direct products through your website

As a Solar Direct affiliate you can make money by linking our products to your website. Simply sign up as an affiliate and you'll earn up to ##% on website purchases that originated on your website. It's as simple as 1, 2, 3:


1. Sign Up

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  • Earn ##% commission on sales through your website
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  • We will handle all fulfillment, customer service, technical support and shipping for sales through your website.

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How It Works

By simply linking our products to your website you can make a commission or percentage of each sale. After you sign-up we'll send you an affiliate code which will be used to track purchases made by visitors from your website. Commissions, payments, how often, reports, etc: Te eum velit, vero dio eum nullam, sis augiamet adit at in utet lorperit ipsusci duismod tatummo dayost lorperos euguer sim velis nullum inis accum nim volor susto Euguer Sim Velis!

About Solar Direct

Solar Direct is a trusted company doing business since 1986. Our internet website was launched in 1996 and has been successfully growing and expanding with the latest products in the solar and energy efficient industry. Solar Direct offers extensive product information, product reviews and comparisons, product selection assistance and technical support.