Solar Direct's
Contractor Dealer Program

Solar Direct's Contractor Dealer Program is designed to meet the growing demand for solar and renewable products and services nationwide for three types of businesses:

1. Established businesses that already have technical and sales knowledge in the solar and renewable industry. These companies generally only need access to our discounted pricing.

2. Established businesses that have technical and sales knowledge in other trades, but want to add solar and renewable products and services to their product line. These businesses will need varying types of support from Solar Direct as well as discount pricing.

3. Solar and Renewable business start-ups desiring to enter the industry. These companies generally require the highest level of support from us.

Many construction industry professionals or talented startup companies are striving to diversify their offerings for customers to include solar pool heat, water heat, and power generation utilizing their existing knowledge and skills.

With over 23 years of hands-on experience in design and engineering, installation,
marketing and distribution of these products, Solar Direct is highly qualified as a
strong partner in facilitating a successful entry into the solar industry.

Joining the nationwide Contractor Dealer Program will give you access to our complete line of services, all designed to helpSolar Contractors you market and install these technologies as an Authorized Solar Direct Dealer.

Services Include:

  • Project Review and Assessment
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Installation Training
  • Equipment Packages
  • Marketing Assistance and Sales Training
  • Speaking engagements and seminars
  • Licensing of advertising and contract documents

A Fee Schedule for the above is available upon request.

Solar Direct installations

Steps To Join:

arrow1. Complete and submit the Contractor Dealer Application below
arrow2. Complete, sign and email the Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to
arrow3. A non-refundable $50.00 application fee (payable to Solar Direct by check or credit card) must be paid to process your application - your Solar Direct representative can assist you with this process.

Although not a prerequisite, Solar Direct prefers that the applicant has a prospective or current (residential or commercial) project installation underway – this helps to demonstrate your commitment to the solar industry. For applicants that are accepted into the program, a $750 retainer is required after your application is approved. The retainer will cover an agreed upon set of services based on your particular needs – it can be applied to your first project review and assessment or other service offerings.

Application Form (*Required Field)

Thank you for contacting us. We look forward to your application and working with you on your first project, and many more to come! After submitting your application you will be directed to the payment page, you must submit your application processing fee before we can begin the review of your application.