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Water Heating Systems

Seisco Tankless Heaters

Electric Water Heaters

Functional Checks

After the initial start-up, following the Pre-Power and Operational Checks described in the Electrical Tankless Water Heater Installation section of this manual, it may be necessary to make adjustments to the system to insure that the heater is functional and providing hot water.

Beeps & Flashing Lights — What do they Mean?

It is normal at start-up or any time the heater is powered-on for the control board to beep and the LED to flash red and then green. Normal status of the heater is for the control to flash all green repeatedly. The initial 2 to 4 red flashes and beeps after power-on are normal, but should not continue.

SEISCO Provides On-Board Self Diagnostics

However, in the event that the LED light continues to flash a red sequence after power-on, then there may be a need for further investigation. The heater’s control provides self diagnostics by emitting a red flashing code. The code definitions and possible solutions can be found in the Trouble Shooting section of the Seisco Service Manual.

Some of the most common problems discovered during Tankless Water Heater Installation and initial start-up are as follows:

  • Circuit breakers are not turned-on (especially, heaters with multiple circuits)
  • Incoming power wires to the heater are out-of-phase (heaters with multiple circuits)
  • Water supply valve not turned-on, no water in the heater chamber
  • Water supply lines are reversed; hot and cold reversed
  • Water supply connection(s) are leaking
  • T&P Relief Valve (where required by local code) is leaking or stuck open

The Seisco Heater Alerts the User of Water Leaks!

Diagnostic codes are designed to tell the installer or user if there is a problem and what the problem might be. Also, the Seisco heater has a built in alarm that will sound if there is water leaking onto the heater, possibly from a leaky water line connection or from a leaky T&P Relief Valve. It is important to turn off all of the circuit breakers to the heater whenever a leak is detected to prevent possible damage to the control board. After the leak is discovered and repaired, it is important to dry any moisture or water accumulation on the heater. This can be done with a standard household hair dryer or dry towels. Any attempts to dry the heater should be done with all the power off to the heater.

System Match — Faucets and Heater

When a Seisco heater is selected for the home or building, the faucets should be selected to match the flow rating and temperature rise specifications of the heater. Seisco heater specifications can be found in the Product Description and Specifications section of this manual. Sometimes, this is overlooked and the user discovers that the faucets in the home are a higher flow rate than the design of the Seisco model(s) selected.

Solutions for High Flow Applications

Another oversight may be the lifestyle of the user. For instance, if the user wants to take two showers at the same time or run the washing machine and the bath tub at the same time, then the flow rate demands of the water heater are increased, sometimes beyond the capability of the Seisco heater. Multiple Seisco heaters are used for higher flow applications, such as for multiple task lifestyles, whirl pool and Jacuzzi tubs and body spa showers as well. Refer to Product Applications and Diagrams section of this manual for recommended multiple Seisco heater arrangements. Note, it is important to evaluate the electrical capacity of the home or building when selecting multiple Seisco heaters for a high flow application. Refer to the Electrical Service Requirements and Sample Load Calculations [PDF]

Typical Flow USE Rates in Gallons per Minute (gpm)
Fixture Type Lavatory Bathtub Shower Kitchen Sink Pantry Sink Laundry Sink Dish-Washer
Flow Rates 0.8 - 1.5 2.0 - 4.0 1.5 - 3.0 1.0 - 1.5 1.5 - 2.5 2.5 - 3.0 2.0 - 3.0

Temperature Adjustment

After the Seisco heater has been installed and the operational checks are completed, the output of the hot water can be measured and adjusted if necessary. The temperature adjusting knob can be found on the left side of the control board. The factory setting is usually between 117 and 120 degrees F. The knob will usually be in the 2 to 3 o’clock position. Turning the knob to the left decreases the temperature and turning it to the right increases the temperature. Note: it is important to understand the effects of increasing the temperature above the factory setting as follows:

  1. The heater will use more power to heat the water; energy savings are reduced.
  2. There will be a greater chance that the heater will produce scaling and sediment build-up.
  3. The heater may not have the power to achieve temperatures higher than factory settings.
  4. Safety; with higher temperatures, there will be a higher risk of scalding and personal injury.


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