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Spin-X Dryer Delivers!

Article as it appeared in
June 24, 2011
By Catherine Hart

Image courtesy of Spin-X
Photo courtesy of Spin-X

GreenTown received a very nice donation of a Spin-X clothes spinner from Arthur Edelstein, company president and CEO. To see how well the unit performs, we enlisted the help of self-professed laundry geek Mia Enfield, a Greensburg resident who has been taking the unit for a test drive the past several months. Here is her testimonial:

For years I have dreamed of owning a Spin-X laundry spinner. Most people dream of new cars or big houses, but not me. I am a laundry geek . . . with a fancy for hand (non-electric) washing and drying. The Spin-X, although it is electric, is THE top laundry product in the universe. Place wet (clean) clothes into the spinner, close the lid, and in three minutes your clothes will be nearly dry, which translates into less drying time either in the dryer or on the clothesline. Depending on the type of fabric, some clothes come out dry enough to wear immediately.

The Spin-X spins the washed wet laundry so fast, the excess water pours out of a spout on the side - which I catch in an old ice cream pail and use to water my young almond trees. Not only does it shorten drying time, but clothes come out cleaner, as excess laundry soap is also removed during spinning.

Out of curiosity, I measured the amount of water which was extracted from various loads of laundry. (These were washed in a Whirlpool front load super-capacity washing machine.)

* queen-size fitted sheet - 1-1/4 cup water extracted

* a load of various t-shirts and socks - 2-3/4 cups

* 2 pairs teen boy's jeans and 1 pair little boy's jeans - 3-1/4 cups

This is only the beginning! As stated above, the measurements were taken following a wash cycle in my Whirlpool washer. My favorite method of washing, however, is to use the Wonder Wash clothes washer. it is my top choice because it uses no electricity yet gets clothes cleaner than any other method I have tried. One load washed in the Wonder Wash always produces a full or nearly full one-gallon pail of water.

The Spin-X simplifies laundry so much - and I do LOTS of laundry at my house with a teenaged daughter and three boys. For myself, at the end of each day I soak my clothes that I wear in the Wonder Wash on the bathroom counter while I shower, crank the handle a few times when I get out, then let the laundry drain while I towel off. Before I leave the bathroom, I fill the Wonder Wash again with clean water to rinse my load and give it a crank or two. After dressing, I return to crank a couple more times then let it drain. Laundry goes to the Spin-X for three minutes, then to the drying rack. In the morning my clothes are clean and dry. Because I do laundry daily, no piles of dirty laundry (or the mountains I previously had) accumulate. My boys follow the same routine, and as a side benefit they require fewer changes of clothes.

Looking back at the example loads cited above, you can imagine how short the drying time is in an electric dryer, which translates into huge savings in your monthly utility bill. Like me, you may find that you have no need of an electric dryer at all.

I absolutely LOVE the Spin-X laundry spinner. It is made from heavy-duty stainless steel, is small enough to fit in the corner of my bathroom, and saves this single mom loads of money (pun absolutely intended). Thank you, Spin-X makers - you're my hero!


Customer Letters

Dear Sir:
I had to write to let you know how fabulous the Spin-X is. We have just ordered another one as a gift for a young minister and his wife with a new baby. We are totally convinced that the Spin-X is a more valuable appliance than the dryer.

Since getting our Spin-X about a month ago, our gas bill is reduced by almost half. The three and one-half minutes (including loading/unloading time) reduces the time in the dryer by 15-25 minutes, depending upon the fabric being dried.

The truly incredible thing about the Spin-X is that everytime I use it, the clothes look and feel newer! The colors are clearer and the fabric softer (without chemicals).

Towels and sheets come out of the dryer feeling and smelling like they had been snapping in the wind on a sunny, pollution free day.

Linda Robinson


Dear Sir:
My Spin-X is super. My husband and I saw your commercial and the next day he brought one home. I thought it would be great for my sweaters which either came back gray from the dry cleaner (not to mention the high cost of dry cleaning) or took a week to line dry. Now,my cotton sweaters are dry in less than 24 hours.

Originally, we intended to use the Spin-X for sweaters and other knits only, however, we have been amazed at the amount of water (and soap) that comes out of our towels and jeans. Everything is softer.

Thank you for making the Spin-X available to me.

Caprice T. Leonard


Dear Sirs:
The Spin-X Spindryer arrived on July 1, 1992, in excellent condition, and I appreciate your promptness.

I did not have the opportunity to use the Spin-X until this past weekend, and I am more than pleased. I am amazed how much water is removed from the laundry load after being placed in the Spin-X from the washing machine. It is also amazing considering my washer has a rather fast spin.

A load of denim jeans dried in thirty minutes in the dryer after the Spin-X. I was also able to hang sheets and towels outside (between rain) this weekend, and this load was dry after thrity minutes of hanging on the line.

Sincerely yours,
Dennis H. Jones
Dyersburg, Tenessee 38024


Dear Sirs:
This is to let you know that I am absolutely delighted with the Spin-X dryer, which I have now used for quite a few months and I wonder how I ever did the laundry without it!

I have a lot of summer knits as well as winter sweaters, none of which can be put in a dryer, and Spin-X leaves them so dry that in an hour or two of lying flat, they are ready to be put away. It used to take a day or more to dry these knits lying flat.

It also does wonders with towels...I have a side-load washer that simply does not take the water out properly. This morning I Spin-Xed almost another gallon of water out of three towels, which then only took minutes to finish off in the dryer.

I have been recommending Spin-X to all my friends, and I want to congratulate you.

Sincerely yours,
M. Eta Trabing
Fuquay-Varing, NC 27526


Dear Spin-X;
Just a note to state how pleased I am about your "Spinner". Everyday, I am surprised at the whiteness of my clothes; the removal of soap; and how much water is removed.

To say the least, I can iron my many clothes right from your machine.

Again, my compliments and many thanks.
Peter E. Vidou


Dear Spin-X:
I find the Spin-x Especially valuable for towels, sweaters and "Sweats". At first, I was dismayed at the extra step required in the washing - drying procedure, but now I realize that the time in the dryer is much shorter. The few extra minutes in the Spin-X really pays off in time and energy.

Ruth Thompson
Cleveland, Ohio



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