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The Santiago's live directly in the heart of the SunShine State and their strikingly beautiful home offers the setting for the unique educational experience of Solar Direct's Home MakeOvers Series.
Welcome to Solar Direct, the leader in Solar Home Makeovers, offering real-world solutions with the latest in renewable energy technologies
To the Santiago Solar Home MakeOver
Personalized, Easy-to-Understand, Comprehensive

  In this informative segment, you’ll be introduced to
an outstanding Solar Home Makeover story.

Pedro Santiago and his Family have graciously
agreed to share their unique experience with others,
and the reader can follow the entire process with
complete coverage of all systems, accompanied by
detailed step-by-step images of each stage of their
makeover installation.

  After exploring the elements of this introduction,
you will take away an overall understanding of the
dynamics of a complete conversion; costs, savings,
return on investment, how each system functions,
plus installation details, even the green benefits!

Once you’ve viewed the basics of each technology
you can visualize your own makeover utilizing one,
two, or all three of the main systems, or compliment
them with energy saving devices also presented.

Embarking on your own green journey - by simply
initiating a modest start now - is the option most of
the eco-conscience individuals are succeeding with;
building on each success as they advance toward
full energy independence.

Please enjoy the Santiago’s lifestyle transformation!
Your Energy Independence!
As the world enters a
new millennium, a rapidly
growing number of pioneers are following their hearts…
seeking freedom.
A Green Lifestyle provided by Renewable Technology generates significant savings for homeowners. Rich financial benefits come with solar energy living!
They aren’t moving West in covered wagons to find their new
independence, but they are breaking new trails forward.

 “We’re discovering creative ways to become totally
   self-sustaining; were on a quest right where we live!”

These enterprising individuals have dramatically altered
their world view, choosing to leave behind old belief systems,
and venture into progressive new territory where contemporary technology and their trailblazing spirit merge to form a bright
and rewarding self-reliant future.

   Solar. It’s not just for tree-huggers anymore!
square-spacer NEXT » Meet the Santiago Family
               Learn what motivated them to go solar

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The Energy SuperMarket offers all-inclusive packages exclusively through the Internet. These kits are the easiest, most complete user-friendly kits available on-line today!!! With all of Solar Direct’s Premium Kits all the time and labor saving additional components are included. Each Kit is designed specifically to accommodate the do-it-yourselfer eco-friendly alternative technology.
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Solar Direct is the Internet’s leading supplier of DIY Kits, and back up these offers with real-world support for the latest in renewable energy technology kits. Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts receive exceptional dedicated support and service, along with Solar Direct’s website that promotes online learning and purchasing experiences. Solar Direct supports each customer with personalized technical assistance – accompanied by online Step-By-Step Photos and Instructions, and to get your eco-experience started, a helpful Information Request Form helps define all the important issues to be aware of before digging into your weekend project!
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If you don’t have the time or skills to do-it-yourself, relax, it's easy! Solar Direct’s certified level of Product Installation Services assures minimal disruption at your home or business - with our tradesmen working in a timely, clean, friendly, courteous, and safe manner.

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