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Customer Testimonials

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Florida - February 2016

We have nothing but praise for Solar Direct from start to finish, and taking advantage of Duke Energy Sun Sense rebate program was the best decision we ever made. Solar Direct handled everything from locking in the rebate funds, to explaining the tax incentives and offering a "0"% financing for the first year on the balance. We estimate we are saving upwards of two-thirds of our pre-installation energy bills of approximately $250 per month. Average cost in 2015 with installation is $79.00 per month. This is a 1200 sf block home with no pool but heavy use of A/C in summer and appliances year round. We do not have a solar water heater and still have old, uninsulated, Miami windows. Well worth it!

Brian & Shannon


Florida - October 2015

Hello Mr. Baumgart, Thanks for the understanding and good service. I want you to know that your crew of installation and your sales rep Donald Noris are exceptional and costumer service oriented. Solar Direct has a great team! Thanks

Denny Lopez


Florida - April 2015

Kirk, just wanted to thank you and your team, especially Blash, for providing excellent customer service! There was no hassle in replacing the damaged panel and sending a new one out overnight. I just installed the panels this weekend and they replaced the leaking FAFCO panels perfectly. They work just fine and we have warm water coming out of the pool jets!! I have 2 more older panels, that when they require replacing, I will certainly order from Solar Direct!! Thanks again!



Florida - March 2015

Hello Dale, after all this time. Quite a battle to get this solar project done. Thanks to you and all the people who answered our questions. Wired it, plugged it in friday and bam working! Been waiting and working on this for 19 months. I have found out that no one here has the knowlege to do solar hot water. really, I finally had to start just telling people what to do . Folklore and fantasy and lies we got. Can not trust people anymore. Your product and instructions are very good. I did tweak the solar panels, to work here, but thats just us, some skills we hire, other we prefere our own brain and handwork. Thanks again

Franklin and Merriann


Florida - February 2015

You can truly relax when dealing with these folks. This is a company that does business internationally, yet maintains a small town, neighborly approach. Their staff truly seems to have your best interest in mind, rather than their profit margin. A salesman there (Dale Gulden) actually recommended a much less costly alternative to my original plan, and took the time to explain to me just why it was the better option for my situation! This style of customer service is virtually unheard of in today's economy, and what a welcome relief they are from the prevalent business model (you know how it goes, customer service is over once they have your money, phone calls are routed to automated menus, and the very best one can hope for is to finally reach some worker overseas that reads a script, often unintelligibly) The folks at Solar Direct are actively interested in meeting your needs- from start to finish. I highly recommend this company for all your energy needs.



Florida - February 2015

Your Warehouse Manager Balazs just called and I wanted to say your team is great!! Thanks soooo much for your great customer care and service! Thanks again for your quick response and customer TLC!! You will certainly get my return business!!

R. Bob


Florida - January 2015

I couldnt be happier with the job Solar Direct did. I had lots of questions in the process; I continuously discussed with Solar Direct my options and alternatives. Oliver was great to work with. And this year, from Jan to Dec, I have net overproduction of electricity which I am selling back to TECO. Not a lot, but I got to net zero, which was my goal, and then some. Kind regards,


View installation photographs


Florida - October 2014

Frank, I want to tell you Bill's visit today fixed our problem, I believe. Just for the record he is one heck of an ambassador for your company, we could all learn from him. I am assuming we are good to go.



Illinois - October 2014

I have ordered 11 of your solar panel kits for my swimming pool. They have arrived and look good. I will not be installing them until spring of 2015. I am writing you to comment about one of your Product Solutions Specialists, Josie Garcia. It was a real pleasure to work with her on this order. Her product knowledge and suggestions kept me from making some bad material ordering mistakes. Her prompt communications and follow up made this online order of your product a very satisfying experience.

I give her an A+ rating and look forward to using your panels in the spring.

Joseph Fleming.


Florida - September 2014

Mr. Hennel - I want to thank you for your quick and efficient action in helping me with the warranty issue of my panel. You were so helpful and explained the system in clear terms step-by-step. I am so happy that I have a source for solar equipment that makes it easy to do business with. The products are quality as are the people behind them - top quality! Appreciate your friendly manner and assistance -

Harry DeLashmutt


Florida - July 2014

Hi Oliver! Wow, we are so happy with the "grid assist" solar panel system you installed earlier this year. Even without the solar water heating you mentioned, we have practically no electric bill, even with the A/C running in this heat. The savings is actually making my husband's truck payment!



Oregon - May 2014

Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that the casters arrived a few days ago. I got everything installed yesterday and the final results are perfect!

Thank you so much for your very kind attention. If you ever need a "very satisfied customer" reference, feel free to use me. I really appreciate the personal touch you provided.

I'm still debating on the floatron addition. A little more research and you'll probably be hearing from me in a week or two to place an order.

Thanks again.

Jim Townley


California - September 2013

This is to express my appreciation for the personal attention given to my warranty needs in replacing my leaking 4 x 10 Vortex pool heating panels.

Bill, in shipping, handled the matter very cordially and the panels were shipped expeditiously. The panels are up and running and the system is operating nicely. The first time I directed hot afternoon flow totally to the spa, rather than the pool, the water temperature rose to 103.5F in just two hours, before I directed it back to the pool.

Gary Rempel


Maine - May 2013

I bought 7 of the 4x12 solar pool heating panels with the premium control package. I first built a pressure treated wood rack based on the excellent instructions provided by Solar Direct. The installation that I did myself went very well. I only had 2 questions about installation and my emails were responded to very quickly with a helpful and accurate answer in each case (Thanks to Frank and Kirk). Our 18x36 ft inground pool is up at the target 86 degrees most of the time, with no propane bills to pay. This project will pay for itself in only 4 years. I’ve enclosed a few pictures taken during construction. Thanks again for a great product and service.

Steve Smith


Florida - May 2012

I wanted to send a quick thank you to your staff for the EXCELLENT service that I have received. From ordering my solar panels with Josie to my pick up today with Bill and everyone in between! Customer service at Solar Direct is unparalleled. I will certainly recommend this company! Again, thank you for making my purchase an absolute pleasure!

Jeffrey Mall


Florida - April 2012

Dale... Got my panels installed last week.... I couldn't be more pleased. Went together perfectly. The old system ran a 22# head when the panels were on, the Vortex panels 18#!

Thank you in advance for your help.

Earl Vogt


Maryland - March 2012

If you ever have prospective customers who would like to talk to someone with one of your systems in place, please feel free to have them contact us. We have nothing but praise for your product and for how your company treats its customers.

Pat Reed, President
Sullivan Heights Swim Club
Westminster Maryland


Maryland - March 2012

Wanted to thank you for a very easy and seamless installation of this system It is up and running and I'm pleased to tell you that The temp is up to 86 already. I have had many inquires as to where we purchased the system and how nice it looks on the roof,I'm pleased to give them the info from your company.

Thank You again it was a pleasure doing business with you

David Redman


Florida - December 2011

My husband and I purchased a home over a year ago equipped with a Solar Direct water heater and Goldline controller. We took it for granted that it was operational as it appeared to be fairly new. A client of mine, that sells commercial solar power systems, suggested that I turn the breaker off to the water heater. I did so and discovered that the system was not operating on its own. I proceeded to call your company and was put in touch with Frank in technical support. I explained that I was new to solar energy and described our situation. Frank immediately began educating me as to how a solar system works. He had a couple of ideas as to what was going on with our system and, over a two to three week period, walked me through a couple of trial and error experiments to narrow down the problem. I phoned Frank frequently during this period and each and every time my phone call was taken by him with enthusiasm. He never gave me the impression that my constant barrage of questions were bothersome to him. On the contrary, I have been left with the impression that he enjoyed helping me. This is, hands down, the best customer service that I have ever received.

Incidentally, the issue was a $26 check valve. Our solar hot water heater is now working almost completely off of solar energy! We are very excited about solar power now and have decided that all future solar power purchases will be from Solar Direct.

Thank you,

Dr. and Mrs. Sykes
Clearwater, Fl.


Florida - September 2010

Hi Dale,

Just to let you know, Jared did a super job on our replacement pool solar system. He is also a great ambassador for your company.

Funny thing, the white PVC added some class!

Appreciate the way you put the project together.

Thanks - Cheers

Don Hawker


Pennsylvania, July 2010

Dear Dale

This is a o ne year follow-up. We love our solar warmed pool. Pool temp about 88 degrees and haven’t touched the propane button once. We have used our pool more this year alone then the previous eight years combined.

Thanks again.

Mark Straubel


Maryland - June 2010


The system works absolutely great.  Pool is up to 92 degrees (37,000 gallons)!  My system pressure has dropped from 28 psi (1.5" plumbing with old Hayward chlorinator) to 20 psi (2" plumbing with Pentair chlorinator).  Flow had obviously increased as well.  No leaks and I am very, very happy with the system quality and operation. Very good call on replacing the plumbing... I am very glad I listened to you.

Thanks for the excellent communication, guidance, and technical support.

Gary Chappie


Florida - March 2010

Hi Sheila,

Last week I contacted Solar Direct and was helped by Dan to size and select your Premium In ground Solar Heating System. Dan was extremely knowledgeable and my order was completed in just a few minutes.

I ordered (6) 12’x4’ with a combo #4 heating control.

The entire order arrived at my door on Friday (12 March). With the help of one man, the system was installed in two days (a total of 13-hours work).

I was upgrading from a previous system which time and again failed (Fafco). To install the new system I had to enlarge my current panel bracket and add only 7-foot of new piping.

The controller was a bit tricky. And I say that as a well-seasoned electrical qualified person. I install sophisticated fire alarm and HVAC systems. There needs to be a simpler description for wiring the controller. None-the-less I got it right the first time and I’m amazed at how superior the panels are over my previous. My new set-up is 50 sqft larger yet my pressure drop is less than half what it was before. What a strain off my circulating pump.

I’m really impressed with the system and my neighbor is contemplating ordering a set as well.

Have a great summer, as I will in my nice Solar Direct heated pool.


Vic Jones


Curacao N.A. - August 2009

I am happy to enjoy a Mini Pool (Jacuzzi) that was from 77 – 104 degrees, 8 hours pomp running with pool cover. It was very easy to install, it took me only 2 days. The Support by mail & phone, of Chris Biczynski was excellent. Thank you Chris I will recommend it to everyone, it’s great (see photo)

Thanks for a great system.

William Rozier


Minnesota - August 2009


Attached are some of the photos taken during our installation phase. I do have some more to locate that shows the final process finalized...

Also for your info, I have been receiving phone calls from 2 or 3 of our other properties that are going to be scheduling budgets for the same process. I have given them your name as a sales rep for the projects. Thanks again.

FYI for your info we never had to turn on the back up gas heater this year at all and also have rated a savings of between 400-600.00 per month this year alone - FANTASTIC - Thanks again,

Michael Miller


St. Augustine - August 2009

I had all my concerns and questions answered this morning in detail. Thank you for your excellent technical support. I am in the computer technical support field and recognize high quality performance. At a time when customers often experience poor response it is important that businesses that do excel, like yours, are recognized.

When it is time to order replacement components for my solar pool heater or recommend your company to others I will gladly do that.


Michael Velkovich


Florida - March 2009

I bought five solar panels from you originally in 2000, and then 3 more in 2001.

I have had a few minor leaks with a couple of panels in the past and had to have warranty exchanges.

Every time I have had to deal with your company with my warranty issues it had been a pleasure, but this last time, Richard Sullivan has gone above and beyond to give great customer service and I wanted to make you aware of it.

I went through some personal problems last year and have had problems finding some of my paperwork recently for purchases from the past, and when I found that I had another leak on my roof I dreaded the idea of either looking through my paperwork to find my original invoice, or contacting my ex-wife to see if she had it.

And that is where Richard exceeded my expectations, he immediately contacted me back after I made him aware of my leak on his voicemail and when I E-mailed him that I will have problems finding my invoice, he took it upon himself to research your "old" files and found my purchase information.

You should know that Richard told me he was doing his job when he researched my information, but in my eyes, your employees like Richard are the reason that I bought from your company originally, then a second time and why I have continued to recommend your company numerous times to all of my friends with swimming pools.

In these days of cutbacks, layoff's and uncertainty it is assuring to know that your company still retains a professional staff that "cares" about the customer and does whatever is necessary to help out.

Thank you Richard!!!

Bill Van Horn 


Massachusetts - April 2008

I installed 2 of your Vortex 4' x 12' panels in the spring of 2008 and they work good. Sun in New England can be a rare commodity at times, but when we get it, the 2 panels plus a solar cover really make a difference. (see photo)

Stephen DeRoy


Pennsylvania - August 2007

Enclosed are the cut off corners from solar panel returned as per terms of the warranty agreement. Please process as necessary and contact me if there are any issues.

I would also like to take the time to thank you for your quick response in replacing this defective panel. The system has been running flawlessly for about five years now. This leaking panel has been the first and only problem we have experienced. Your warranty procedures made this replacement an easy and painless process.

It is good to see companies stand behind their products as advertised and a pleasure to do business with them. If you need a recommendation or reference in Northeastern Pennsylvania, you can always get a positive one from me.

Thank You,

David Young


Nevada - April 2007

As you may have seen, I placed the order. Thanks for the online help. Your quick response to question and you adding links in your email helped me very much. (You have a big web site). That and the full explanations and extensive descriptions of your equipment on your web site placed your company far and above the others I was looking at. You can be sure than when my son is ready for his panels it’ll be from you guys.

Thank you,

Jerry Sturdivant


Florida - February 2007


Thanks for your support during our extremely stressful transition. We know we will love being here once all gets settled but, so far, there's a ways to go with getting to that point. Your staff is wonderful and I thank you for understanding our STRESS during this time. I hope we will be resting in our wonderful SOLAR HEATED POOL soon! Have a great week and, again, thanks to you and your staff.

Cheryl and Ted


Florida - September 2006

Dale, I rather think I forgot to make the main point - my clients relatives/friends who are at the site (he will come over in 3 weeks) are very happy with the pool heating system post startup - a week ago it was chilly - now it is "wonderful" !!!!!!!!

If only I could get them to roll out the cover each night I would be a happy man! But they are so dreamy in the warm water that they forget to do it!!!

- an interesting discovery by one of them is that there seem to be warm zones and cooler zones when she goes for a night-time swim? I told her to swim close to the lights ? is there enough energy to make a difference close to the said lights?

My own common sense tells me that we should try and heat the pool to the max now we are entering October as we will store a bit of heat and keep the water at max so that the main man (i.e. - he who paid me (and thus you!)) is pleased when he comes in 3 weeks time?

Anyway it is nice to have contented customers - thanks!

Aled Davis


Kentucky - April 2006

I purchased the Vortex solar panels from you 2 years ago, mounted them on the roof of my indoor pool, and absolutely love them. They work great!

Here is the photo of the solar panels installed on my pool house. This system has kept my 18 x36 pool within 4 to 5 degrees of the outside air temperature just like you promised. I haven't spent a dime on fuel to heat the water in my pool in 2 years. The only maintenance has been an occasional re-tightening of the hose clamps between panels. Thanks for helping me get up and running.

John Brinkerhoff


Florida - April 2006

As an aside, I would just like to note that dealing with your company has been a very pleasant experience. The professionalism that has been displayed by your sales and customer service staff has been quite extraordinary. Rest assured that I will highly recommend your services to any of my friends and neighbors without hesitation.

Jason Saul

Florida - January 2006

Wishing you and yours the best in this new year. As for last year, I personally did not fare well from hurricane Wilma. In particular, most of my roof shingles were lost and I shall require a new roof. However, it may be pleasing for you to note that the one part of my roof that remain protected was that portion covered by your solar panels. They remained fastened and unflinching throughout the storm, and apparently saved the roof shingles below. Indeed, unlike every other area of my roof that sustained damage and which consequently allowed the leaking of rain water leading to internal damage, the solar panel section remained water tight.

Mark Shore

Florida - December 2005

People ask us about our solar heating and we tell them......go to Solar Direct... because of the service and product.

Thanks so much,

Linda Parker


Nevada - November 2005

Thank you for your help! I will recommend your company to anyone who asks about my panels.

Bill Atteberry


Massachusetts - August 2005

My house is in the background. It works great. Pool hit 92 degrees last week! I do need a solar blanket... as it cools off at night. Maybe I will use the new liquid blanket.

Paul Adler


Florida - August 2005

Just a quick note to say how easy it was to install my new
solar system
that I purchased from you. I ended up installing the entire system by myself, it probably took me a total of only about 18 hours.

The system was quite large (i.e. 10 - 4x12 panels) but it definitely works. The first day it was on it raised the pool temperature from 73 F to 84 F, a couple of days later it was at least 90F.

In the past I have not been able to use my pool from October to March, but now it appears that I can use this pool year round. Thanks for a great system.

Rich Voorberg


California - August 2005

I used the pump for the water fall and it works great. Temperature rose nicely from morning to late afternoon! We are very happy with the system.

Clay Alexander


Minnesota - June 2005

I wanted to give the system a few weeks of running before I sent this to you.

I could not be any happier than I am with the solar kit. Once we finally started getting some sun, the pool got up to temperature fairly quickly. I have even determined that above 86° is too warm for us, even up here in Minnesota. I really was leery about doing this myself, but thanks to you and your team, and the great support, it is functioning just like you said it would. Because we tend to want to start up the pool and get it to swimming temperature immediately, I believe my solar system will pay for itself completely in two seasons. Too bad there isn't solar electric to power my pumps!

If you ever have anyone close to me who's thinking of installing one of your kits, I would love to show off the system!

Thanks again for all your help, Jim Powell


Florida - June 2005

You folks are first class on customer service. The strap arrived yesterday. This is less than 24 hours after my e-mail to you folks, WOW! I wish all companies responded as good as you guys. It has been a pleasure doing business with your company. I am trying to convince my cousin to buy a system from Solar Direct.

Thanks again, John Baust

Florida - April 2005

Thank you for sending your employee Frank to install the solar panels for us. He did a great job. We only wish that the rest of our hurricane damage repairs were done in such a professional manor. Also, thank you for not ripping us off.

Sincerely, Bill and Barbara Zalenski

California - April 2005

The missing parts have arrived in fact they would have been here on the 5th but fedex shrewd up. I picked it up at there local office today 4/11/05 thanks for the great service. Just a foot note I got the panel up this weekend and did a test to see well they work the weather was partly cloudy and the outside temp was 71 the incoming water from the panels was 96. You guys are top-shelf I'm very impressed with the service and your product.

David Wrenne


Florida - February 2005

You supplied and fitted a pool heat pump for us in March and you may remember us questioning you prior to purchasing as to how efficient it would be at heating the water. Well we have just returned to the UK following a three-week stay at our Florida home and even though the weather got quite cold at times, the heater did a great job and for the first time in January (we have been coming for 15 years) we could enjoy the pool!!! Mind you we have not seen the electric bills yet… 

Many Thanks! Chris & Elaine Brooke

Florida - February 2005

Just wanted to let you and your company know that my spa cover arrived yesterday and it is beautiful--better than I imagined. Thanks for the lovely workmanship and fine attention to detail. I know I won't need another for quite some time, but I will be passing along your company's name to my friends.

Thank you. Joan Van Glabek

Kentucky - January 2005

Thank you very much for your reply to my pump problem. I might well have a suction leak and will investigate it. I also want to tell you that we love our Vortex panels. I didn't spend a dime on energy to heat my indoor pool this past season. Thanks again for your help.

John Brinkerhoff


Florida - January 2005

I spoke with you several times over the phone re: a solar panel leak. You sent out a repair/service person by the name of Frank Heddings. I have had 2 visits from him now. I just want you to know that you are very, very fortunate to have such a fine, polite employee working for you. I hope you appreciate his hard work, long hours and certainly add hours on weekends. It was a pleasure to have him complete the repair and service. I hope he is well compensated for his employment with your company.

Thank you, Mary Ann Blaubach
P.S. Frank did not solicit this note or comments.

Florida - November 2004

Recently I purchased a solar pool heat system, a pool cover and a roller through your internet sales. I installed the system (8 panels on two different roof surfaces) with the help of 3 friends. It took us about 6 hours to complete the installation, assemble the roller, and trim the cover. I had previously downloaded the installation instructions and had studied them thoroughly. The installation was very simple do to the quality of the system, the accuracy of the instructions, and the completeness of the deluxe kit and the split kit.

I checked the water temperature before opening the valve to "turn on" the solar heat system. It was 73 degrees. Exactly one week later, the temperature is now 90 degrees. I thoroughly researched solar pool heat before deciding on your system, and I am very pleased with the results. You can count me as a completely satisfied customer. I have "showed off" my system to all my neighbors with pools, and anticipate helping some of them install your products in the near future.

Mike Lamb



Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you I finished installing my
It took me 6 hours to install all 9 panels and the rooftop plumbing. It took another 4 hours to dig and install the plumbing to the pump. The kit was very easy to install and very straight forward.

Mike Rawson



Thank you for the professional manner which your company has displayed in promptly delivering us a solar pool heater. It works GREAT!

Bill Fritz



Installation was completed in short order and we are happily enjoying a very warm pool. It took 2 old men 2 days to complete the roof installation and another day to complete the plumbing. The pool stays at almost a constant temp. I am very pleased with the product and it is the envy of the neighborhood.

Richard Valentine



My husband installed the system over Memorial Day week-end. We had a couple of questions while we were putting the system but you made yourself available for the technical support we needed to complete the job and it was very much appreciated.

It was a definite pleasant experience to deal with Solar Direct. Your follow-up with us was excellent, all questions answered knowledgeably and professionally, all phone calls promptly returned. I would highly recommend your company. We are enjoying the pool with average temp. of 90-93 degrees.

Nadine Babski

Maryland - September 2001

Dear Dale,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write to you to express our satisfaction with the solar heating unit we purchased from you. It certainly underscores how well it has worded - we have been operating the system for four years now and we have never had a problem.

I know you will remember us - I doubt that many of your customers pestered you with as many telephone calls as we did. Our pool is a relatively small community operated pool. It is spring fed and the water temperature when we fill the pool in the spring is 55 degrees, the water temperature seldom reached 80 degrees before early August. That fact limited pool use and the effective length of our season. It was also a problem with our swimming lesson program for young children that begins early June every year. We needed use of the pool from June 1st until September 1st.

We began the search for a solar heating system in the fall of 1997, despite the skepticism of some members of our board of directors, and came across your web page. You were one of the few companies that offered solar heating systems in kit form and the only one that was willing to take the time to help design a system that would meet our needs. I was especially impressed when I dropped in at your offices unannounced and found that everyone was willing to stop what they were doing to answer all my questions.

Every representation you made to us about your system has been borne out by our experience. A group of 4 of us installed the entire system in three days - on the fourth day it was up and running. The difference it has made is nothing short of remarkable. I cannot tell you how many people comment on the difference it has made. It is impossible to imagine how we operated without the solar heating panels. We can actually use the pool until October and could begin in early May which is much more than we actually expected.

If you ever have prospective customers who would like to talk to someone with one of your systems in place, please feel free to have them contact us. We have nothing but praise for your product and for how your company treats its customers.

Pat Reed, President
Sullivan Heights Swim Club
Westminster Maryland


New York - June 2001

I never write letters like this but wanted to tell you how great your product is. I live in the Northeast and had reservations on how well a solar pool heating system would work. I am more then satisfied with the kit I bought from your company. My 20 x 40 pool was opened at 66 degrees and in about a week I had it up to 78 degrees. In less than two weeks I had the pool in the 80's. This was in the beginning of the season when the sun and air temperatures were still mild.

The greatest thing about the solar panels is that they have extended our season by two extra months. The pool is no longer cold and we are even swimming at night because of the warmer temperatures. Our friends are envious because they bought propane and electrical heaters and can't afford to run them with the sky rocketing prices for fuel and electricity.

The installation was a snap and only took me a weekend to complete. My pump handled the run without any problems and with very little loss of water flow from the returns. I appreciate only the help your technicians provided me during the installation phase. I never waited more then 20 seconds for a tech person and he answered all my questions in a friendly professional manner. KUDOS!!

Frank Parisi


Arizona - March 2001

Just wanted to drop you a note regarding my recently filled order for a pool heating system. I finished installing the system yesterday and am quite pleased. I order a lot of products from catalogs and via the internet and, although the items typically end up OK, I rarely get everything I asked for, especially when the item is some form of kit. I do a lot of woodworking, and many of the "put-it-together-yourself" kits lack sufficient fasteners or worse.

I am quite impressed with both the ease of installation of your product and the fact that the kit was so complete. Before opening all the boxes, I made a list of all the pieces and parts (PVC fittings) I thought I would need to buy before starting the install. I was pleasantly surprised that all of them were in the boxes you shipped.

Your instructions for installation are well written and easy to follow. I had no trouble getting everything up and running and after reading them. Overall, your product gets high marks from me.

Mike Jackson





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