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Vortex Solar Pool Heater Rebate Program

Receive $50 OFF per old panel trade-in!
with Solar Pool Heater installation purchase.

“Solar Pool Heaters can completely heat your pool, extending the pool season in northern climates like Pennsylvania, and allowing you to swim YEAR round even in the cold winter months throughout most of Florida. You can enjoy year round warm waters with completely FREE heat from the sun. Gas heaters and even heat pumps can cost hundreds of dollars each month to warm your pool, Solar does it for FREE.

For pool owners who already have a Fafco system, completely replacing your aging Fafco system with a superior Vortex Installation can give you increased peace of mind with a panel durable enough to withstand hurricane force winds and years of constant daily use. Your pool is an investment in your home and you should get the most out of that investment.

Solar Pool Heater  

Solar Pool Heater
$50 per Panel Trade-In
$0 Operating Costs
Extend Swim Season
No Pollution

Average Sample*:
Completely installed
Your total cost

Florida Solar Pool HeatersStudies published in The Appraisal Journal shows that the market value of a home increases by $10 - $25 for every $1 decrease in annual energy savings.

Investing in a Pool heater can vastly increase the value of owning a pool in Florida while bringing year-round enjoyment for your and your family.

For most of us, especially given the rising energy prices, it is unthinkable to keep our exercise regimen, our family-and-friends pool gatherings and relaxing therapeutic aquatic sessions going at the expense of higher pool heating bills.

You can still enjoy your pool without the leaks. Better yet, you can do it by heating your pool in an environmentally conscious manner - adding zero additional costs to your monthly utility bills with our durable and efficient Vortex System.

Solar Pool Heating can provide you and your family with a cost-effective way to keep your pool warm and inviting.Experience the Vortex Difference

Contrary to common belief, there is enough solar energy, even in the cold Northeast, to warm your pool to summer levels and extend your swimming season.  Pool owners in most of Florida can enjoy YEAR ROUND swim seasons.

Experience the Vortex Difference

Solar Direct's brand choice for all-season pool heating, the Vortex Pool Heater offers the industry's most reliable, easy to install option for extending your swimming season. The vortex panels have a 10 year full replacement warranty. If there is a problem with a panel, we replace the entire panel instead of asking you to continue plugging an already weakening structure.

solar pool heater roof and ground rack installations

For a limited time only we are offering a $50 PER PANEL Trade in on your aging Fafco system towards the installation of a new Premium Vortex System.

Using solar, you and your family can stay in the swim while living a "green" lifestyle. With the industry proven and durable vortex panels you can stop plugging those leaking panels and enjoy the warm waters and peace of mind of a vortex system.

Over 35,000 satisfied customers served since 1986!

Solar Direct has over 24 years experience in commercial and residential solar installations. Installation services available throughout Florida and Pennsylvania and on a limited basis in other areas of the U.S. Click here to learn more.

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*Systems of 5 or more panels to qualify.

toll free assistance
800 333 9276

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The Energy SuperMarket offers all-inclusive packages exclusively through the Internet. These kits are the easiest, most complete user-friendly kits available on-line today!!! With all of Solar Direct's Premium Kits all the time and labor saving additional components are included. Each Kit is designed specifically to accommodate the do-it-yourselfer eco-friendly alternative technology.
    Do-It-Yourself Kits;
  Slash Electric 20-90%
  Cut Hot Water 75-97%
  Pool Heating by 100%
  All-Inclusive Packages
  Raises Home Value!
  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If you don't have the time or skills to do-it-yourself, relax, it's easy! Solar Direct's certified level of Product Installation Services assures minimal disruption at your home or business - with our tradesmen working in a timely, clean, friendly, courteous, and safe manner.
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Federal, State and Local Utility Cash Rebates for Solar and Renewable Energy

Federal Incentives
For Solar & Energy Efficient Technologies.

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Solar Home MakeOver
"We slashed our Electric Bill from
$500 to $140"

Learn how a family achieved significant savings when they initiated a Solar Home MakeOver.

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Media, print and online publications covering articles and reports featuring Solar Direct & green technologies.

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