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Community Coalition on Homelessness logo

Community Coalition on Homelessness

On August 2010, the Community Coalition on Homelessness unveiled their new solar power system in Bradenton. The installation, one of the largest solar photovoltaic (PV) array systems in the State of Florida, generates enough power to significantly reduce the utility expenses and offset thousands of pounds of greenhouse gas emissions annually!

The Community Coalition for Homelessness in Bradenton, Florida, is a One-Stop Resource Center providing shelter for the homeless, showers, clothes. The center has a place to get IDs, a kitchen, can provide rental assistance, computers to help with job searches, military and veteran services, and even health and dental care services.

Solar Electric System at the Community Coalition on Homelessness

The Community Coalition for Homelessness is a humanitarian as well as an environmentally-conscious model. The center's building structure, which was an old furniture store, was renovated as an energy-efficient building including a solar system.

The Solar photovoltaic system was made possible by The Community Development Block Grant - Recovery Act (CDBG-R), a one time allocation of funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the purposes of stimulating the economy through measures that modernize the Nation’s infrastructure, improve energy efficient, and expand education opportunities and access to health care.

Solar Panels

The installation of the photovoltaic solar system at the CCH One Stop Resource Center provides energy efficiency to the center by collecting solar power and converting it to usable energy.

The grid-connected system consists of 209 photovoltaic panels totalling 48 kW, SunnyBoy solar inverters, mounting hardware, electrical connections and 130 kW standby generator.

Solar PV Inverters

SMA Sunny Boy Solar Inverters

The Inverter is an integral component of the solar electric system. Inverters convert the low voltage DC (direct current) electricity that the solar panels generate into high voltage AC electricity for ordinary household needs. Grid-Tied Sunny Boy Inverters have the highest CEC efficiency in its class.

Solar Celebration at the Homeless Center

Bill Galvalno at the Solar Celebration for the Homeless Center
State Representative Bill Galvano addresses the audience at the ceremony.

Saturday, October 9th the Community Coalition on Homelessness Center had a ribbon-cutting celebration for their immense new solar rooftop. One of the highlights of the event was the first release of the dollar savings the Homeless Center is experiencing since they turned on their 209 solar roof panels.

energy savings

The savings in both the monthly utility bill as well as kilowatts of electricity used was a spectacular 81%! Bradenton's Homeless Center spent $1885.64 one year ago during September. This year with the solar roof they paid only $346.00

What do David Letterman, Kelsey Grammer, Joan Rivers, Jim Carey, Drew Carey, William Shatner, Hallee Berry, Dr. Phil McGraw, Ella Fitzgerald, Jewel, and Kelly Clarkson all have in common?

At some point in their lives,
they all were once homeless

said Dale Gulden, CEO of Solar Direct.

Solar Celebration excerpts from NorthRiverNews Online article » View clipping

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