Refer Solar & Earn!

Want to get paid to share the benefits of going solar with other homeowners? You can make $1000 per referral (on average).

Creating a Home Energy Revolution

Empowering the People

The Solar Buyers Club is leading the shift from fossil fuels to solar energy by encouraging homeowners who have an interest in solar to join together and use their collective buying power to dramatically reduce the overall cost of going solar. Solar Buyers Club has created a revolutionary new solar business model that is transforming the industry. This groundbreaking, decentralized model makes going solar affordable for everyone. Solar Direct is proud to be part of this movement.

How It Works

A Customized Solar Strategy

The Solar Buyers Club is a web-based platform that allows homeowners who are interested in installing solar to join together to make solar more affordable for their community. The club is FREE to join and is made up of Club members who have an interest in learning more about how solar works, solar technologies, and the many benefits of going solar.

As Club members commit to going solar, the Solar Buyers Club is able to use collective buying power to negotiate deeply discounted savings with our established partners. These savings are passed on to club members, ultimately making solar more accessible and affordable for a wider population.

Solar Buyers Club Referral Program

Cash Incentives for a brighter future

In addition to making solar more accessible and affordable, Club members benefit by being paid significant cash rewards every time a friend, relative or neighbor receives a solar installation from Solar Direct. Earn extra income just by sharing your experience and educating others about the benefits of solar, or start your career in solar advising.