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Spin-X SpinDryer
Laundry Clothes Dryer Companion

Spin-X Spin DryerRegardless of how you do washing - a modern SPIN-X spindryer will save you both time and money. The Spin-X can remove one quart of water from clothes taken out of the washing machine, using the same amount of electricity the Clothes Dryer uses in 15 seconds!

Over 6 million sold in Europe!

Seconds of Spin-drying time saves hours of tiresome drying time and expensive heating time. Over a decade with many happy customers!

Research showed that the SPIN-X Spindryer reduced electricity costs by $1,104.96 during a 3 year period, at an average of $368.32 per year electricity savings.

By greatly reducing drying time, the clothes dryer only operates for 1/2 the time or less, creating less heat for the Air Conditioner to cool, and extending the life of both the clothes dryer and the Air Conditioner because of less wear & tear.

The Spindryer removes soap, detergents, perfumes & chemicals into the quart container. These are the chemicals that you have been previously drying into your clothing, and even today risk skin absorption of these chemical detergents.

An excellent test is to take three of your older bath towels, place them in your washing machine. Do not use any soap. Turn on the washing for 5 minutes, and see the soap suds that have accumulated in your towels. It is also in your clothing.

The humble tumble dryer is the most power-hungry appliance in the average western home. So why not put your clothes in for a spin instead?

Product Benefits

  • Saves electricity
  • Removes chemicals from clothing
  • Reduces drying time by 1/2 of hard to dry items, like blue jeans and towels
  • Makes an excellent swimsuit dryer
  • Will remove one quart of water from clothing using only 15 seconds worth of clothes dryer electricity
  • Less skin irritation/less allergies, soap and mineral deposits are removed from clothing
  • Gentle on knits and silks. knits will not stretch out of shape
  • Two minutes in the spindryer will save 30 minutes in the clothes dryer
  • At a cost of less than $1.00 in spindryer electricity, you can save 156 hours of clothes drying time in the clothes dryer
  • Less lint in the clothes dryer filter, indicates less destruction of your clothing in the clothes dryer
  • Doubles the life of the clothes dryer, since it is used for less time
  • Will pay for itself while being used in electricity and gas savings
  • Less heat from the dryer for the air conditioner to cool down
  • No more waiting for the dryer to put in your second load of washing
  • The first load will be dry before the second load is washed
  • Helps save our natural resources through energy conservation
  • Simple to operate

Spin-X Specifications

  • Measures 23 1/2 inches tall and 13 1/2 inches wide
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Shipping Carton: 17” X 17” X 27”
  • Capacity: 10 lbs. wet load = [2 king size sheets,
  • 2 large king size pillow cases, 1 bath towel, 2 hand towels]
  • Connects to any household wall outlet, 110 volt
  • Spins at 3,300 R.P.M., and produces 1,340 G’ forces


How Spin-X Spindryer works:

How the Spin-X worksYour washing machine spins at 500 revolutions per minute, then you place your washing on the line to dry.

Problem: Although your washing feels fairly dry when it is removed from your washing machine, it still contains a great deal of soap, detergents and water with minerals. You have to wait for a day of fine weather to dry several washings in the open air. In the airing room, each load may require up to 7 hours drying time. Should you live in a climate of high humidity, this could even take longer, limiting your activity for the day.

Spin-X SpinDryer Advantage

This spin dryer has a super speed of 3,300 RPM, and will save you more than half the drying time, by removing 50% or more of the water and soap deposits left in your clothes by your washing machine. You can take advantage of this shorter and favorable drying time, and be more independent in the way you plan your day. This will save you Energy and the cost of this Energy.

Your washing machine spins at 500 revolutions per minute, then you place your clothing in the clothes dryer.

Problem: Despite the relative speed of your washing machine, 8 lbs. of wash after being removed from your washing machine, will contain as much as 1/2 gallon of water and soap deposits that the Spindryer can remove. In order to dry that much water, your clothes dryer has to tumble the washing for a considerable period of time, while drying it with hot air. This extended period of drying time costs time and money, not to mention the excessive mineral, soap and detergent deposits that are dried into your clothing.

Spin-X SpinDryer Advantage

This Spindryer has a remarkable super speed of 3,300 RPM, and in a short period of time will remove 50% or more of the water and soap deposits left in your clothes by your washing machine. Your clothes are tumbled in the dryer for a short period of time, saving you time and Energy, giving you softer clothing, and saving you money at the same time.

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