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Job Description

Order Processor

Solar Direct Bradenton Location
Review Job Requirements, Compensation and Description below.  See link at bottom of page for Application Package.

Basic Position Overview

Work in our Operations Department performing a variety of tasks. You will be cross-trained in various clerical, data entry and bookkeeping functions, such as order entry, invoicing, payment processing, purchase orders, a/p, account reconciliations and filing.

We are a rapidly growing company with a team spirited environment. We are seeking a high energy dedicated individual to join our team – providing back office support in a fast paced but low stress atmosphere.

Individual should be a self-starter, motivated, fast learner, and have good verbal and written communication skills. Knowledge of computers, typing/keyboard and mouse skills, basic operational knowledge of office machines, Windows, Word, and Internet Explorer is a must. Outlook and Excel knowledge is a plus. A basic knowledge of Quickbooks is a strong plus. Additional knowledge and skills in Accounting is an added bonus and can help with promotions and additional income potential. Daily interaction with vendors and some after-sale interaction with customers are required. Bi-lingual not required but is a plus.

We offer on-going training. Pay commensurate with ability and achievement; ranges from $8 to $10 per hour to start, with the potential for up to $14 per hour. Monthly bonuses based on over-all company performance, plus paid holidays and vacation program.

Basic Position Requirements

Must be able to start by 1st to 2nd week in June

Self-motivated, honest, and dependable individual

Calm friendly personality; ability to relate well with others

Experience: 1 or more years of clerical, data entry, or bookkeeping

Commitment of 30 - 40 hours per week between 8AM and 6PM EST

Must be able to multitask and be very detail orientated

Must have strong organizational skills

Computer proficiency in Windows, Internet, Word is required

Web Applications, Outlook/Email, Excel, QuickBooks is preferred

Strong communication skills including both verbal and written

Strong understanding of numbers and money

Must have the ability to work with minimal supervision

Work together as a team to grow company and each team member

Compensation and Incentive Package

Pay commensurate with ability and achievement; ranges from $8 to $10 per hour to start. Pay increases are determined after an initial 90 day review and during yearly reviews. Moderately motivated individuals can easily expect up to $12/hr; highly motivated achievers can earn up to $14/hr.

Compensation is based on independent subcontractor status, with the unique benefit of paid vacation, paid holidays, and monthly bonus based on total company revenue.

Job Description and Responsibilities

Primary Function: Input, process and update orders and email inquiries.

I. Office Responsibilities:

A. Maintain a consistent work shift as approved by Comptroller; shifts will be started promptly as assigned. Changes to the schedule will be requested in writing with at least 24 hours advance notice. If late for a shift, Order Processor will advise Comptroller or assistant prior to shift, or as soon as possible. Consistent tardiness or missed shifts with be handled under the standard rules of the Company Handbook.

B. Time must be logged on TraxTime; Specific duties must be logged to track percentage of allotted time in each area. Maintain short meaningful notes for projects.

C. Provide professional, friendly communication with customers and company staff.

D. Maintain an organized work area and records.

E. Set and review goals weekly. Balance work load to meet goals in the time allotted.

II. Sales Order Processor Responsibilities:

A. Process new orders

i. Creates Customer File w/label for new orders.

ii. Update Back Office Status.

iii. Prints Order page and process credit card payment.

iv. Correspond w/customers as needed to verify information.

v. Inputs Customer Data in QuickBooks.

vi. Order invoicing.

B. Review and Update Order Status.

i. Receive shipment tracking data via email, fax, warehouse, phone.

ii. Update Back Office w/tracking information.

iii. Transfer folder (when applicable) to File Bin.

C. File and maintain completed Customer Folders from File Bin to File Drawers.

III. Training and Education:

A. Attend and be involved in Staff Coaching meetings. Learn and practice techniques for personal development and team interaction.

B. Attend and be involved in Department meetings to share and learn procedures and techniques. W ork together to initiate concepts and ideas which provide a solution for improved efficiency.

C. Obtain job knowledge through Training Sessions, books or CD Manuals.

D. Have a general understanding of company products by browsing our web site.

IV. Performance Review

A. Performance will be evaluated by several factors: TraxTime logs, Accurate and current data input, Procedure Knowledge, Motivation, Consistency, Team Spirit, etc.

B. Performance will be reviewed every year. A minimum level of performance is required to maintain position; outstanding performance will be considered and rewarded.

C. Standard Bonus will be given as per the company bonus plan based on company revenue.

V. Miscellaneous Responsibilities:

A. Assist in keeping department office area organized and clean.

B. Maintain all necessary departmental records, personal files, and memos.

C. Work with other departments to ensure streamlined operations.

VI. Professional Qualifications

A. Must be self-motivated and have the ability to work with minimal supervision.

B. Work together as a team to grow the company and each team member.

C. Education

i. Two or more years of college education preferred.

ii. Strong leaning skills.

D. Experience

i. Two or more years of data entry, bookkeeping, customer service and/or retail sales experience.

E. Professional Skills

i. Relate well with others.

ii. Must be able to work on numerous projects at once.

iii. Understand basic computer skills – Windows, Internet, Word, Outlook/Email, Web Applications, etc.

iv. Basic understanding and working knowledge of QuickBooks preferred.

v. Communicate clearly both verbally and in written form.

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