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Job Description

Sales Manager

Solar Direct Bradenton Location
Review Job Requirements, Compensation and Description below.  See link at bottom of page for Application Package.

Basic Position Overview

Sales Division Manager for multi-faceted marketer of renewable energy products and alternative pool heating and pool water treatment systems for residential, contractor, and commercial clients.

The Sales Manager will oversee and direct a growing remote virtual sales team located throughout the U.S. The sales team services internet clients and those who call into our office phones from all over the U.S. and throughout the world seeking information, guidance, and purchasing assistance for the wide variety of products offered online.

The Sales Manager will also be responsible for supervision and training of in home Florida Sales reps, strategic partners, and affiliates, and to develop a B2B sales program for the company. You will report directly to the Director of Marketing and be responsible for generating reports for department managers and owner group meetings. The Sales Manager will also work with MIS (Marketing and Information Services) department to coordinate advertising campaigns in support of sales team goals.

We are a rapidly growing company with a team spirited environment. We are seeking a high energy individual to serve customers - providing product information and sales assistance via interaction by phone and/or email.

Individual should be a self-starter, motivated, fast learner, and have good verbal and written communication skills in a sales situation. Knowledge of computers, Windows, Word, Internet Explorer, and Outlook is a must: Excel and CAD a plus. A knowledge of solar thermal water heating is a must, and pool heating (solar and/or heat pumps) is a strong plus – these will be the primary products for new team members. Additional knowledge in other renewable technologies is an added bonus and can help with promotions and additional income potential.

We offer on-going training for product knowledge, which is a key element to provide customer assistance and for closing sales. Home office candidates must have high speed internet and reliable mid to high end computer required w/headset and cam – see Technology Requirements

Basic Position Requirements

Define, develop, and maintain strong sales strategies in the        
   assigned divisions of the company
Develop new business while supporting and growing sales from   
   existing customers
Generate sales reports and forecasts that meet and exceed
   company sales revenue targets
Represent the company at trade shows, conferences, and at other
   required functions
Development a strong B2B sales effort
Build a strong local and national sales force through strong hiring
   practices and development of strategic relationships

Qualities:  Must have a strong commitment to environmental and build green and energy conservation practices   Strong motivational leadership, detail oriented, and highly confident in your sales team building abilities. 

Skills and Experience:  Must have at least 5 years experience in building a successful sales team having generated in excess of 5 millions dollars in sales annually.  Strong skills both in written and verbal communications are also required.  You must be willing to travel at times and have experience with a wide variety of advertising marketing programs and tradeshows.  You must have a broad knowledge of computers and software programs to include, but not limited to Microsoft Office, Word, High Level Proficiency with Excel, Web Browsers, Windows, Messenger, Outlook, Outlook Public Folders.  Specific knowledge of solar and other renewable energy technologies a strong plus.  Be familiar and capable of bidding on construction related sales opportunities.

Compensation and Incentive Package

Compensation Range : $63,500 - $176,000/yr

Base salary of $26,000/yr plus 1.5% over-ride of all company revenue. Earning potential is driven by Sales Manager's ability to increase company revenue from present level of $2.5 million to projected level of $10 million within 3 to 5 years.


Job Description and Responsibilities

1. Office Responsibilities

A. Maintain a consistent work shift as approved by the Director of Sales. This shift will consist of a minimum of 45 hours Monday thru Saturday and will include both in-office and out of office duties.

B. Office and out of office work hours must be logged on trax time to show percentage of hours dedicated to different job areas of responsibility with short meaningful ledger notes.

C. Maintain home and office MSN accounts for real time communications with the sales director and other staff members.

D. Maintain a professional, knowledgeable and friendly demeanor with the staff and customers.

E. Keep detailed records and maintain an organized work area.

F. Set and review goals weekly with the Director of Sales.

G. Maintain the equipment and capability for virtual sales and voice
capabilities both in office and at home.
Review Technology Requirements

2. Sales Management Duties

A. Within 2 weeks of job commencement, file a comprehensive plan of action with the director of sales. It will be reviewed and formalized by the ownership team within 5 business days.

B. The sales management plan should address growth and development of sales in the following market areas:

1. PSS – Virtual and in office sales team
2. In-home sales for Florida
3. B2B sales
4. Contractor Sales
5. Construction and Bid projects
6. Small parts and Misc. items sale

C. Conduct regular sales meetings.

D. Become knowledgeable of all products and services.

E. Recruit, train and manage all sales team members and support personnel.

F. Create and maintain pricelists which meet company profit goals.

G. Create sales incentives and contests to inspire sales team members.

H. Be the liaison between the sales divisions of the company and other departments.

I. Coordinate, plan, and staff all company trade shows.

J. Coordinate marketing efforts with MIS Manager and Sales Director.

K. Develop strong outgoing sales procedures and programs.

L. Work with Director of Sales to Develop Marketing plans and campaigns to support the growing sales team requirements.

M. Develop sales training techniques and materials for all sale division personnel.

3. Training and Education

A. Attend in office and out of office product training and classes.

B. Attend and take active involvement in staff meetings.

C. Visit installations in process and take tour of completed projects.

D. Ride along with in-home sales staff.

E. Utilize online product information from our website.

F. Keep abreast of industry trends and sales technologies.

4. Performance Reviews

A. First review will be after two weeks and each month thereafter.

B. Performance will be evaluated from Trax Time Records, Product Knowledge, Sales Revenue Reports, Team recruitment and growth, and overall compatibility with the staff.

C. Review of Earnings goals and the filed comprehensive plan.

D. Sales Bonuses will be reviewed and qualified for based on employment agreement and achievement of comprehensive plan goals.

5. Miscellaneous responsibilities

A. Become the key advocate for the sales person friendly and productive environment.

B. Be the motivating force and innovator of sales techniques.

C. Maintain sales personnel files, records, and inter office memos.

D. Work with other departments to develop efficiency and processes.

6. Qualifications

A. Green minded and committed to environmental change.

B. At least 5 years experience in building a successful sales Team producing a minimum 10 million in annual sales.

C. Strong skills both in written and verbal communications.

D. Willing to travel.

E. Must have a broad knowledge of computers and software programs to include, but not limited to Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, etc.

F. Specific knowledge of solar and other renewable energy technologies a strong plus.

G. Be familiar and capable of bidding on construction related sales opportunities.

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