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Pool Heating Systems

Pool Heaters: Solar, Electric & Gas

  pool heaters and solar pool heaters pool heaters solar pool heater panels on roof

There are three basic types of pool heaters. The best system for your pool is determined by numerous factors including your needs, desires, budget and physical layout of the pool and house.

Pool Heaters

solar pool heater

Maintain 80°-85°F Pool with FREE Energy!

� A quality Solar Heater will typically last 10 to 20 years.

� Very low maintenance.

Will Solar work in my area? YES! when the day time air temp. is 60°F or more.

� Solar is a FREE energy source and it's best for the environment

• Most systems have a 10 year warranty on the panels.

Heat Pump
Pool Heaters

heatpump pool heaters

Maintain 80°-90°F Pool 500-600% Efficient

When temp. is 45°F or more, a Heat Pump can warm your pool - rain or shine.

� Heat Pumps will last between 5 and 15 years or more.

� Heat pumps have many moving and electrical parts, they require periodic
service by an A/C technician.

� Warranties from 1-15 years

Pool Heaters

gas pool heaters

Maintain 80°-90°F Pool 75-95% Efficient

A good choice when pool water must quickly be warm during any condition.

� Gas Heaters typically last 5 years or more.

� Due to the high operating temperature inside a gas heater, maintenance may be more frequent, and major repairs can be costly.

� Warranties from 1 to 5 years

Not sure which system is right for you?

Compare solar pool heaters, heat pump pool heaters and gas pool heaters in this side-by-side comparison chart:

Heating Options Comparison Chart

We also offer toll free product selection assistance or installation services at 800-333-9276 or if you prefer to inquire online you can submit our quick information request form. However, The easiest way to purchase your new pool heater is right on our shopping cart! Click here to Purchase online and start enjoying your warm pool.

Anyone considering a heater for their pool should keep in mind that a Thermal Pool Cover is recommended for all heating systems.

Heating a pool without a cover is like heating a house without a roof... the heat just goes right out the top. Without a pool cover, the cost of operating a Heat Pump or Gas Pool Heater is doubled, and a Solar Pool Heater's effectiveness is dramatically decreased.

For convenience a roller may be added to ease placement and removal of the cover. If a pool cover is not be used, the size of the heater must be increased by 100%.

Pool covers range in cost from as little as $48 to $118 for residential pools; rollers start at only $179.

Purchase Pool Heaters Online
Enjoy your warm and relaxing pool. Get started with a new pool heater customized for your needs.
Still haven't made up your mind? Check out the testimonials from some of our satisfied customers!


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Compare solar pool heaters, heat pumps and gas heaters in this side-by-side comparison chart.
Pool Heater Comparison Chart

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