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Pool Heating

VORTEX Solar Pool Heater

Premium Kit Contents

See Detailed Product Information

Premium System Kit

VORTEX Deluxe System Kits
includes all of the contents of the
Standard and Deluxe Kits; panel kit, row kit, plumbing kit  plus

  • 3-way automatic valve and control unit with LED status indicators, pool and solar insolation sensors
  • Premium Controller: Precision temperature control, digital display, motorized actuator valve, on-board pool pump time clock, nocturnal cooling, booster pump control relay, and recirculation freeze protection.

Premium System Kit

Premium Control Packages
- select one of four quality packages;
each package offers a technologically advanced, all-inclusive system
providing the advantage of fully automatic temperature regulation. 

VORTEX Panel Kits
   Heliotrope HelioMatic 
      Solar Pool Control Package #1 

      w/FloVerter Motorized Valve 

VORTEX Panel Kits
   Goldline GL-235 
      Solar Pool Control Package #2 
      w/Jandy Motorized Valve 

VORTEX Panel Kits
   Goldline AquaSolar 
      Solar Pool Control Package #3 
      w/Digital Temperature Display 

VORTEX Panel Kits
   Goldline AquaSolar TC 
      Solar Pool Control Package #4 
      w/Digital Temperature Display
      w/Built-in Pool Pump Timer 


VORTEX Panel Kits

Vortex Panel Kit
includes the necessary parts required to connect panels together, and mount them onto various roof surfaces types [shingle, wood shake, metal, and tile], or ground rack system.

Panel Kit includes:
 2 - 1.5"x3" Rubber Couplings; used for connecting the 
        panel headers together in a series  
 5 - #32 Stainless Steel Hose Clamps; used for sealing 
        Rubber Couplings to panel headers
 4 - Header/Strap Stainless Steel Clips; used for fastening 
        panel and strap to roof or rack
 4 - #14  1/4"x1.5"  3/8" Hex Head Stainless Steel Screws; 
        used for fastening Stainless Steel Clips to roof 

Concrete Tile or Wood/Metal Rack applications include:
Appropriate screws will be substituted for each kits standard 
Stainless Steel Screws described above - based on customer
requirements that are chosen in dropdown selection box at
top of this page entitled "System Hardware Kit/applications"

#14 - 1/4" x 2" - 3/8" Hex Head Stainless Steel Screws;
standard kit screws used for Shingle, Metal, Modified or Rolled 
Roofs or Pressure Treated Wood Frame Racks

#14 - 1/4" x 1 1/4" - 5/16" Tapcon Hex Head Screws;
substitute screws used for Barrel or Flat Concrete Tile, or
Concrete Roofs
#14 - 1/4" x 1" - 7/16" Hex Head Bolts and Locking Nuts;
substitute screws used for Aluminum or Steel Frame Racks

Note: Vortex Panel Kits can be used on most other brands of
solar panels equipped with 1.5" I.D. headers.


Vortex Row Kit includes the necessary parts required to complete the proper functioning of each system. Capping off the one unused header opening at the end of a panel row [or rows], plus providing a mechanical release of vacuum buildup during draining of system is critical to the correct basic engineering dynamics.

Row Kit includes:
 1 - End Plug; used for plugging un-used panel header outlet
 2 - 1.5" CPVC* Panel Adapters; used for connecting to 
        panel outlet
 2 - 1.5"x2" PVC Reducer Bushings; used with Panel Adapter to 
        increase to 2"
 2 - 2" PVC Couplings; used with Bushings to connect 2" PVC
        pipe together 
 1 - Vacuum Breaker Kit; used to automatically release vacuum 
 1Panel Kit; hardware required to finish row.

Note: *CPVC withstands high temperature and requires All purpose
CPVC glue. If PVC glueis used, it may result in leakage.

Vacuum Breaker Kit includes:
 1 - 1/2" Vacuum Breaker; used for breaking the vacuum to allow
        the panels to drain when the pump is turned off
 2 - 1/2" Female x 1 1/2" CPVC Panel Adapter; used for connecting 
        the Vacuum Breaker to the panel outlet
 1 - 1/2" Male Pipe Nipple; used for connecting the Vacuum 
        Breaker to the CPVC Panel Adapter
 1 - 1/2" Protection Screen; used for keeping small insects from 
        entering the Vacuum Breaker

VORTEX Plumbing Kits

Vortex Plumbing Kit
includes the necessary parts required to
connect a new VORTEX Solar Pool Heating System into the plumbing system of an existing swimming pool filtration system.

Plumbing Kit include:
1 - 3-way Manual Control Valve; for turning solar on and off, and for regulating flow - which controls pool temperature*

2 - Check Valves; for preventing backflow through the pool's filtering system, and the solar system return line

PVC Pipe Fittings; a large assortment for tying into the existing pool filtration system, and for plumbing the PVC piping to and from the solar panel system**

Installation Parts and Accessories; various components for eliminating purchasing guesswork/time consuming shopping

PVC Pipe Fittings include:
18 - 2" PVC 90 Elbows; used to connect two pieces of 2" PVC pipe together at a right angle

12 - 2" PVC 90 Street Elbows; used to connect one piece of 2" PVC pipe into another fitting at a right angle

18 - 2" PVC Couplings; used to connect two pieces of 2" PVC pipe together in a straight line

11 - 2" PVC Tee; used to connect three pieces of 2" PVC pipe together in a T-shaped configuration

11 - 2" x 1 1/2" PVC Flush Bushing; used to connect one piece of 1 1/2" PVC pipe to a 2" fitting in straight line

Installation Parts and Accessories include:
1 - Tube Polyurethane Sealant; used for creating waterproof seal between the panel mounting hardware / pipe clamps and the roof [not included with Concrete Roof or Rack Kits]

12 - 2 1/2" Galvanized Two-Hole Pipe Clamps; used to support 2" PVC pipe on a wall or the roof while allowing for expansion and contraction

2 - #14 - 1/4" x 1 1/4" - 5/16" Tapcon Hex Head Screws; used to secure a Pipe Clamp when mounting the 3-Way Valve to a concrete block wall

22 - #14 - 1/4" x 2" - 3/8" Hex Head Stainless Steel Screws;† used to secure the Pipe Clamps to the roof

†Concrete Tile or Wood/Metal Rack applications include:
The appropriate screws are substituted for the Stainless Steel Screws above - based on the customer requirements that are
chosen in dropdown selection box at top of this page entitled
"System Hardware Kit based on installation application"

Shingle, Metal or Modified/Rolled Roofs or Pressure Treated
Wood Frame Racks, use standard kit screws:
#14 - 1/4" x 2" - 3/8" Hex Head Stainless Steel Screws
Barrel or Flat Concrete Tile or Concrete Roofs, substitute:
#14 - 1/4" x 1 1/4" - 5/16" Tapcon Hex Head Screws
Aluminum or Steel Frame Racks, substitute:
#14 - 1/4" x 1" - 7/16" Hex Head Bolts and Locking Nuts

*The 3-way control valve is easily used to turn the solar heater on or off, plus regulate the flow of water and adjust the temperature. Manual adjustments only need to be made occasionally as the seasons change.

Systems can be installed on multiple or complex roof layouts 
  and be designed to turn a corner onto another roof section 
  Order: Split Kits for above specifications

Panel rows can be split to circumvent obstacles on roof 
  Order: Split Kits for above specification

Different size panels can be combined to accommodate  
  various roof shapes 
  Order: Split Kits for above specification 

Panels can be installed in multiple rows above one other 
  on the same roof or rack mounting system
  Order: Double Row Kits for above specification 

Product Manufacturer:  Pool Heating Distributors


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