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Pool Heating Systems

VORTEX Solar Pool Heaters

Frequently Asked Questions

Cost of Operation

Solar is an alternative energy source, and has no cost of operation. The pool pump must run for the solar heater to function, and may increase your electric bill by $30 to $75 per year depending on your normal filtering time.

Types of Solar Pool Heaters

There are two basic types of solar pool heaters: panels and mat. Both types have Carbon Black in them to absorb solar energy and Inhibitors which act like a sunscreen to prevent deterioration.


  • Comercial grade polypropylene plastic
  • Increase temperature up to 20%
  • 10 year warranty PDF format
  • For in-ground or above-ground pools
  • Can be installed on roof or ground
  • Sizes in feet: 4 x 8 - 4 x 10 - 4 x 12 and custom
  • They are approximately 5 to 10% more efficient than Mat


EZ Heat Mat

  • Durable synthetic rubber
  • Increase temperature up to 10%
  • 4 year warranty
  • For aboveground pools
  • Ground installation recommended
  • Sizes in feet: 4 x 12 - 4 x 20 - 4 x 25

The major advantage to Mat Systems is that they can be tailored to fit odd size roofs. We do not recommend EZ Heat in warmer climate States.

What Size do I need?

Inground Pools:

Generally you will need a system equal to 50 to 100% of the pool surface. Solar panels are available in 4x8, 4x10, 4x12 and custom sizes. They are generally placed in a row on one or several roofs. A typical 7 4x12 panel system would require a space of 12.5 ft by 30.75 ft.

Each pool & home is unique. The size of the heater is based on several factors, including: the size & shape of the pool; pool shading (i.e. trees, screen enclosure); geographic location; swimming season and pool temperature desired; windy conditions; and direction of the roof (south, east, west or flat). The size of the heater will determine the temperature, swimming season, and length of time to heat the pool. It is very important to properly size the heater for good performance. We've simplified the calculation process by creating an automated form for you:

Automated Sizing

Keep in mind that a Thermal Pool Cover is recommended for all heating systems. Heating a pool without a cover is like heating a house without a roof... the heat just goes right out the top. Without a pool cover, the cost of operating a Heat Pump or Gas Heater is doubled, and a Solar Heater's effectiveness is dramatically decreased.

For convenience a roller may be added to ease placement and removal of the cover. If a pool cover is not be used, the size of the heater must be increased by 75% - 100%. Pool covers range in cost from $60 to $130 for residential pools; rollers start at $185.

Above-ground Pools:

EZ-Heat Above Ground Solar Pool Heater Sizing
Round Oval EZ Heat Model Heater Size
12 ft - 15 ft 10 x 15 to 12 x 18 EZ Heat Basic 12 4 x 12
EZ Heat Standard 12
18 ft - 21 ft 12 x 14 to 15 x 14 EZ Heat Basic 20 4 x 20
EZ Heat Standard 20
24 ft 15 x 30 EZ Heat Basic 25 4 x 25
EZ Heat Standard 25
EZ Heat Deluxe 25
28 ft 18 x 33 Two EZ Heat Basic 20* 8 x 20
EZ Heat Basic 20 and
EZ Heat Standard 20*
30+ ft 20 x 40 Two EZ Heat Basic 25* 8 x 25
EZ Heat Basic 25 and
EZ Heat Standard 25*
EZ Heat Deluxe 25 and
EZ Heat Deluxe 25 Ext.
The chart above is for above-ground pools only
* Includes EZ Heat Coupling Kit

What Do Systems Look Like?

System design varies slightly from house to house. They can be installed on most roof types or on ground mounted racks. Click here to view photographs of systems installed by other homeowners. Below is a typical system diagram.

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