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Active Solar Water Heating Systems

Helio-Pak Solar Water Heater

Active - Closed Loop
Helio-Pak Solar Water HeaterSensible technology from Heliodyne, the leading manufacturer of solar water heaters since 1976.

Closed Loop System with high efficiency Heat Exchanger for safe installation and year round operation. No collector freezing or boil-out.

The Helio-Pak solar water heaters have been successfully installed with great results in homes, businesses, national and state parks.

The Helio-Pak is an easy-to-install solar water heater kit, it has a double wall heat exchanger with visual leak detection and simple 120 VAC plug-in operation. The Helio-Pak has an efficient counter-flow operation and is SRCC OG-300 System Certified.

Active Solar Water Heater: Heat Transfer Unit

High efficiency heat transfer appliance, pre-assembled and wired. Easy connections to and from collector(s), to and from tank. Protects collectors against freezing and keeps collectors free of hard water deposits for long life and high efficiency.

  • Modular and easy to install
  • Solid and clean appearance
  • Efficient counter flow design
  • Food-grade heat transfer fluid
  • Automatic operation
  • Electronic tank temperature setting
  • Adapts to standard tank sizes
  • Several sizes to fit collector needs
  • Preplumbed and wired, supplied with electric cord


  • U shaped copper double wall heat exchanger
  • 150 psig pressure relief valve
  • Brass Flo-Thru support
  • Pressure gauge
  • Expansion tank
  • Differential controller with plug-in cord
  • 3-Speed collector loop pump with internal check valve
  • Storage loop pump
  • Collector loop temperature gauge
  • Mounting base
  • Sensors
  • 2 thermometers

The installer adds piping to connect the Helio-Pak to and from the collectors and to and from the tank, (3/4" collector supply and return pipe recommended, use flex connectors or copper pipe and fittings) pipe insulation, and other minor installation materials.

Gobi Solar Collectors - See full description

Three convenient sizes and attractive styling with unique tapered frames to fit any roof and enhance any home. Exceptional high performance certified by SRCC, FSEC in the U.S., and SPF TUV in Europe.

  • Skylight appearance, attractive looks
  • Solid and built to last
  • Certified high performance
  • All-copper black chrome absorber plate
  • Durable tube-to-fin absorber bond
  • Double strength tempered solar glass
  • Anti-glare finish
  • Modular hardware for any tilt
  • Wind and impact resistant
  • Structural certification
  • High output even on marginal days
  • Sold and installed in many countries

Solar Water Heater Benefits

  • Saves you money - Reduces your monthly utility costs
  • Saves the environment - Reduces fossil fuel consumption
  • Adds value to your home - Recapture the initial cost of the system by creating equity in your home

Helio Pak-Benefits

Unit blends with roof-line
Skylight looks of attractively styled Gobi Collectors, with a bronze anodized frame and anti-glare glass finish, grace any home and easily adapt to any roof style.

Works In Hot or Cold Climates

The closed-loop Helio-Pak system with antifreeze is safe in coastal, mountainous or cold inland regions and works in both summer and winter.

Works In Any Water Quality
The closed-loop Helio-Pak design with separate collector fluid keeps the Gobi Collectors free from hard water deposits for undiminished Efficient over the years.

Versatile Installation Options
Because it does not depend on fluid draining from the collectors for protection, the Helio-Pak system is truly versatile: install the collectors below the storage tank, or one or more stories above the tank, with long or short pipe runs, collectors can be vertical or on their sides.

Efficient Counter-Flow Design
The counter-flow design of the Helio-Pak is the most efficient heat transfer known. Coupled with the large copper surface and heat transfer enhancing construction of the heat exchanger and the highly efficient Gobi black chrome collectors, output is lasting and superior to other systems.

The recommended collector loop fluid is a food-grade propylene glycol with inhibitors for durability. It is not flammable. In addition, the Helio-Pak features a double wall heat exchanger for extra safety.


The collectors are protected with an antifreeze / water mixture for safe operation, even in winter. However, the storage tank and Helio-Pak heat transfer appliance must not be located in a freezing environment.

No Overheating
The 150 psi design and construction of the Gobi Collectors and the Helio-Pak appliance protect the system from overheating or boil-out
during times of stagnation. The storage tank temperature is protected electronically with the temperature preset to a maximum of 180°F (160°F optional).

Single or Dual Tank

Connect the Gobi Collector and Helio-Pak to a solar storage tank with electric element for backup in inclement weather in a single tank installation. Or, use a natural gas or propane water heater in line and after the solar storage tank for backup with a bypass for solar only usage.

Each packaged system includes

  • One or more Gobi Collectors
  • Blind Unions, for capping off unused header connections
  • Flush Mounting hardware: kits for mounting parallel to a roof. Single shoes and double shoes between collectors.
  • HP Heat transfer appliance: double wall heat exchanger, pumps, control, sensors, expansion vessel, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, check valve, 2 thermometers. Appliance is pre-plumbed and wired and supplied with electric cord. 3/4" collector supply and return pipe recommended. Use flex connectors or copper pipe and fittings to connect HP to tank.
  • Detailed Installation and Operation Manual

The installer adds copper piping to connect the Helio-Pak to and from the collectors and to and from the tank, pipe insulation, and other minor installation materials.

Storage Tank not included. Call for a special price on a tank purchased as an add-on to this package.

Collectors must be accompanied by appropriately sized storage tank: 1.5 to 2.0 Gallons per square feet of Gobi Collector surface area. Storage tank recommended minimum size:

  • 40 gallons per Gobi 3366
  • 50 gallons per Gobi 408
  • 80 gallons per 2 Gobi 3366
  • 65-80 gallons per Gobi 410
  • 120 gallons per 2 Gobi 408 or 410 collectors

Freeze protected for year round operation in any climate

These systems are the most proven, versatile and durable, protecting the collectors from freezing and hard water deposits. The collectors are filled with a special non-toxic high temperature antifreeze. The transfer of heat occurs inside a heat exchanger attached to the tank. The operation is both simple and safe and the system is protected against overheating and boil-out

Because the freeze protection does not depend on the draining of collectors, the installation is more versatile: collectors can be mounted above or below the tank, and without the collectors or lines having to slope.

Several options include one or more Gobi collectors and standard Plug-in module for near or remote locations.


System Sizing
Installation Photos

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