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Instant Hot Water

Metlund D'MAND System

Cost Savings

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The Metlund DMAND Benefits - Cost Savings
If each home saved only 20 gallons of water each day, or 7,300 gallons per year, then in one year the impacts would be...
For the Homeowners
7,300 Gallons of water saved

$ 151
$ 175
$ 242

Saved (including natural gas for water heating, water, and sewer) or
Saved (including propane for water heating, water, and sewer) or
Saved (including electricity for water heating, water, and sewer)

For the Water Utilities
  Water Delivery


Gallons of water not pumped, treated and supplied to the homes


Kilowatt-hours of electricity saved

$ 1

Saved for energy

$ 0.006

Saved for chemicals
  Wastewater Treatment


Gallons of wastewater not removed from the homes, treated and returned to the environment


Kilowatt-hours of electricity saved


Saved for energy


Saved for chemicals
For the Electric Utilities


Kilowatt-hours of electricity saved


Tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions avoided


Tons of Nitrogen Oxides avoided
For the Natural Gas Utilities


Therms of natural gas saved


Tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions avoided


Tons of Nitrogen Oxides avoided
The data on this table is based on the assumptions below:

  Low High Average
Cold Water Temperature (F)
Ground Water or Delivered to House
(Round to nearest number in chart)
40 60 50
Hot Water Temperature (F) 120 160 140
At Water Heater
(Round to nearest number in chart)
Smallest Temperature Difference 500 (Low Hot, High Cold) (Low Cold, High Hot)
Largest Temperature Difference 1,000 (Average Cold, Average Hot)
(Low Cold, High Hot)
Average Temperature Difference 750   (Average Cold, Average Hot)
Energy Costs Natural Gas Propane Electricity
($/therm, $/kWh, $/gallon)
$ 1 $ 1.20 $ 0.10
Energy Content
(1Th = 100,000 Btu)
(1 kWh = 3412 Btu)
(1 Gal = 91,547 Btu)
100 000 91,547


Water Heater Efficiency 0.7 0.7 0.95
Water Costs
($/1000 gallons)
(748 gallons = 1 CCF)
$ 5
Sewer Costs
($/1000 gallons)
(748 gallons = 1 CCF)
$ 5
Water Delivery System
Energy Savings 0.00091 kWh per gallon
  $0.0000910 Per gallon
Chemical Savings $0.0000008 Per gallon
Wastewater Treatment System
Energy Savings 0.002157 kWh per gallon
  $0.00003 Per gallon
Chemical Savings $0.00022  
The energy savings are based on the Average Temperature Difference. Energy and chemical savings for water delivery and wastewater treatment are based on the Sacramento area.

 Product Info

General Info
How Does it Work?
Cost Savings
S50 Specs
S70T Specs
S02T Specs
Plumbing Layouts
Mechanical FAQ
Operational FAQ

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