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Instant Hot Water



ACT D'MAND SystemNow you can have hot water in 15-30 seconds (depending on the size of the home and water system) without wasting a single drop and by using only a fraction of a penny's worth of electricity.

The ACT® Hot Water D'MAND® System (a high performance pump, integrated controller and electronic zone valve), requires no special plumbing. It is designed for use with any hot water heating system to provide energy and water savings. It's easy to install in new or existing homes or businesses.

Savings of energy and water, plus extending the life of water heaters, has a significant return on investment. Federal regulations require the use of low flow fixtures (1½ gallon restrictors on fixtures and 2½ gallon restrictors on showers). Since eight out of ten homes have long waits for hot water at one or more fixtures, it is easy to see the added convenience and cost savings of instant hot water delivery.

Product Benefits

  • Saves energy — No wasting of hot water down the drain. The loss of water while waiting could be 3 to 10 gallons
  • No unnecessary heating of water
  • Adds convenience- No waiting for hot water
  • Has a 15 year life expectancy
  • Extends water heater life - Reduces water heating. Allows water heater to be set at 120° and still remain effective
  • Reduces air and sewage pollution
  • Easily installed in new or existing homes - Installed within two hours or less. Does not require major plumbing
  • Does not require plumbing modifications
  • Virtually no servicing or replacement
  • Inexpensive to buy and operate - Less than $1 a year to operate
  • Return On Investment - Will have a payback of 1-3 years

Product Application

  C3-100 S3-100 BR3-100
Tank Homes up to 4,000 sqft Homes up to 4,000 sqft Homes over 4,000 sqft
Dedicated Return Line
Pipe runs up to 120 lineal feet Pipe runs up to 200 lineal feet Pipe runs over 200 lineal feet
Standard Plumbing
Pipe runs up to 60 lineal ft. between a tankless water heater and installation location of the D'MAND KONTROLS System Pipe runs up to 100 lineal ft. between a tankless water heater and installation location of the D'MAND KONTROLS System Pipe runs over 100 lineal ft. between a tankless water heater and installation location of the D'MAND KONTROLS System

The ACT D'MAND SYSTEMS are the most efficient hot water distribution systems for all types of water heaters: tank or tankless, gas or electric. ACT D’MAND Systems are easy to install on existing homes, new homes or commercial buildings. By installing a ACT D’MAND System you will be extending the life of the water heater.

Testing by the U.S. Department of Energy has concluded that the ACT D’MAND Systems save both energy and water at a fractional cost of operation. Life expectancy is 15 to 20 years and servicing is not required.

Product Manufacturer: ACT Inc.

 Product Info

General Info
How Does it Work?
Cost Savings
S3 Specs
C3 Specs
BR3 Specs
Plumbing Layouts
Mechanical FAQ
Operational FAQ

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