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Instant Hot Water

Metlund D'MAND System

Plumbing Layouts

Three Common Plumbing Layouts

There are basically three common design layouts used when plumbing is instal LED into new homes. The most popular is referred to as Standard Plumbing. The second most common is known as Dedicated re-circulating line, which requires an additional line for the hot water to return to the water heater. The third most common plumbing scheme is cal LED Manifold where there are dedicated hot water lines independently running to each fixture directly from a manifold block off the water heater.

On the other hand, Structured Plumbing is a new plumbing layout that is more effective than the other three designs. Structured Plumbing saves both water and energy, and will save between 15% to 50% of the energy used in the three common plumbing layouts.

Standard Plumbing

The majority of homes are plumbed in this manner. Depending on where the fixtures are located, the hot water line runs as a main line then branches to the fixtures. In most cases, the branches are short and the main hot water line is long. With piping and labor being so expensive, the plumbing design is driven by economics and is not always the best for the homeowner. The inconvenience of waiting for hot water becomes an issue, and costly waste of water, sewage, and energy results. The Metlund D'MAND System is easily installed to work with homes with standard plumbing, making them effective for saving both water and energy.

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Dedicated Re-circulating Line

Re-circulating systems are becoming more popular due to the population's increasing interest in saving water and adding convenience to their lives. Re-circulation systems function by running 24 hours per day; or running on a timer; or a thermostat; or running on both a timer and a thermostat.

This method of re-circulating hot water requires specially designed plumbing where the hot water pipe from your water heater is plumbed to each fixture in a loop fashion, and then continues back to the water heater through a third line (return line). A small pump re-circulates the hot water in a continuing loop, only shutting off with a timer or thermostat.

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This method can be very costly to operate. Although it saves water, the energy costs can be very high. While the pump cost can be as low as $25 per year to operate, the cost of the operation of the water heater can be very high. Circulating hot water slowly means that the water will re-enter the water heater at a lower temperature. The water heater will constantly cycle on and off during this re-circulation process as it attempts to bring the water in the water heater up to its original temperature. Since the average family uses hot water about 15 times per day, re-circulating hot water can cost as high as $100 month depending on whether your water heater is gas, electric or propane powered.

Two additional potential problems with re-circulating hot water are the erosion of the hot water line due to the increased volume of water flowing through it, and the inconvenience of not having hot water if the timer is not operating properly. It may be necessary to reset the timer after an extended power outage.

Manifold Block Hot Water Systems

Manifold Block Hot Water Systems are designed to have the hot water enter a block near the water heater. The block, similar to a small holding tank, has many small lines going in various directions to each hot water fixture in the home. For example, bathroom sinks and showers would be on their own hot water line from the water heater.

The theory is that smaller lines move water more quickly thereby shortening the wait for hot water and consequently using less water to get hot water. The reality is that in most cases, there is a wait for hot water at every fixture, it is not very convenient, and people use more water. They save neither water nor energy.

Structured Plumbing for New Construction/Remodeling

Developed by ACT, Inc. Metlund Systems in 1998, as a new energy water savings concept, Structured Plumbing™ addresses the issue that none of the previous plumbing methods save energy. In fact, prior attempts to save water and energy became very expensive to operate. Recognizing this, it became very important to develop a system that would save energy, save water, reduce pollution, and add convenience to the user and not cost more than $1.00 per year to operate.

ACT, Inc. Metlund Systems'' Structured Plumbing not only does all of these, but also has a life expectancy of 15-20 years and is virtually service-free! It operates 24 hours per day on demand only.

There are two options for Structured Plumbing, both using the S-Series Metlund D'MAND System.

The first option is to locate the S-Series pump and the ThermoSensor at the fixture furthest from the water heater.

A button hardwired directly to the pumb is used to activate the system at that fixture.

Wireless remote buttons are used to activate the system from other fixtures.

click image to enlarge

The second option is to locate the S-Series pump at the water heater and extend the ThermoSensor™ from the electronic control board back to the fixture furthest from the water heater.

Both the S-Series pump and the ThermoSensor should be installed on the dedicated return line pipe.

click image to enlarge

When hot water is demanded, using any of our activation methods, the Metlund D'MAND System brings hot water rapidly to the farthest fixture from the water heater where the sensor will pick up the temperature rise and send a signal to turn the pump off. This concept prevents the hot water passing the Thermo Sensor, thus saving lost energy in the dedicated return line.

Many builders of new homes today are installing two water heaters—sometimes even three—in single-family homes for no other reason than to get hot water to the fixtures more quickly. Hot water volume is not the issue. If hot water is distributed quickly to each fixture, a single water heater will be more than sufficient for a single family home. A Metlund D'MAND System with Structured Plumbing will not only save energy and water, but it will also reduce sewage processing and air pollution. Most importantly, it adds convenience to the user.

Plumbing with Tankless Water Heaters

There are two ways to plumb in a tankless water heater. The difference is whether the D'MAND System pump is located at the water heater or at the furthest fixture from the heater.

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Warning: If your home has a Pressure Regulator Valve that acts as a back flow prevention valve, you must have an expansion tank in the system before installing a D’MAND System.

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