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Instant Hot Water

Metlund D'MAND System

Selection Criteria and Sizing Information

Metlund D'MAND System Applications

Residential Application

Typical residential applications cost less than $1.00 per year to operate. They can be activated by any combination of methods, and result in savings of energy and water, a decrease in pollution, and an increase in convenience to the user.

The S-50 models are designed for smaller homes where the distance is less than 50 feet from the water heater. Warranty: 3 years

The S-70T models are designed to effectively deliver hot water rapidly up to 100 feet from the water heater. They are designed for most residential homes. Warranty: 5 years

The S-02 models will accommodate larger homes and commercial applications where distance from the water heater and larger diameter piping are factors. Warranty: 5 years

Select the proper D'MAND System
for your home or commercial application
What is the longest you have to wait for water?

Less than 1 minute

1 -3 minutes

More than 3 minutes

Standard Plumbing




Dedicated Return Line




Commercial Application

The Metlund D'MAND System is often instal LED for industrial and commercial applications such as restaurants, hospitals, day-care centers, government buildings etc. In those cases, automatic activation is most often used. These larger, more powerful models are designed for high performance and low cost and are intended for use with re-circulating dedicated hot water return lines.

Metlund DMAND - Which system should you buy?

The Metlund D'MAND SYSTEMS are available in three models. The use of the D'MAND System for tankless water heaters is dependent on distance to the last hot water fixture. Tankless water heaters require a higher water pressure flow (measured in PSI or pounds per square inch) to activate the water heater. This requires one of our higher performance D'MAND System models. The following guide can be used for most conditions.

Tankless Water Heaters and DMAND Systems
S-70T S-02T
Standard Plumbing AND Distance between tankless water heater and fixture where DMAND system is installed Under 60 feet Over 60 feet
Re-Circulation Plumbing AND square footage of house Under 2500 sq. ft. Over 2500 sq. ft.

Note: Standard plumbing requires the D'MAND System to be installed between the hot and cold water line at the most distant hot water location.

Model S-70T Series
If the distance between the tankless water heater and the last hot water fixture where the D'MAND System is installed is less than 60 feet, the Metlund D'MAND System S-70T series will be acceptable.

Model S-02T Series
If the distance between the tankless water heater and the Metlund D'MAND System pump is more than 60 feet, the S-02T series is recommended. Generally the S-02T series will work on any residential home if the distance is under 300 feet between the water heater and last fixture where the D'MAND System is located. Depending on the distance, type of pipe, (copper, plastic, etc.) and pipe size (both hot and cold), there will be a difference on the pressure drop and ability to move the hot water quickly to the fixtures.

Re-circulation Plumbing: a dedicated hot water loop-line (return or re-circulation line) runs from the water heater through the home and back to the water heater.

Model S-70T Series
If the home is under 2,500 sq ft. and the Metlund D'MAND System is located at the water heater on the dedicated return line, the S-70T model is acceptable. If the home is two stories you should call Metlund office at 800-638-5863 to discuss the plumbing layout as the S-70T may not have the flow factor needed to properly service your home.

Model S-02T Series
Homes over 2,500 sq. ft. should use the S-02T series. Again, the Metlund D'MAND System should be located at the water heater on the dedicated return line.

Important Note About Pipe Sizing
Both the S-70T and the S-02T Series operate more efficiently if the dedicated hot water return line is 3/4 inch pipe and not 1/2 inch. The object is to move the hot water quickly on demand, and 1/2 inch return lines will be restrictive. However, the D'MAND System will work on the 1/2 inch return line.

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S50 Specs
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S02T Specs
Plumbing Layouts
Mechanical FAQ
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