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Instant Hot Water

Metlund D'MAND System

Customer Testimonials
Got it installed over the weekend, just drilled a hole through the floor and extended the wire — it works AWESOME and with the install in the basement is so quiet I can barely hear it when it's turned on. Runs 6-7 seconds and then the hot water is right there (was 85-97 seconds of water running down the drain).
Installed dedicated return - Great Result.
Jerry AR Bella Vista It is exactly what we wanted! The only thing is that the motor runs so
silently, you can''t hear it stop. Maybe a buzz would help.
Frank AZ
Arizona City
Realized over 40% water savings in first 3 months also Electric
Frank AZ Gold Canyon Liked the "T adapters---Very nice to install. The remote system for turning on is GREAT
AZ Gold Canyon OUTSTANDING; May have sold a couple for you.
AZ Green Valley I didn't know there was such a system or I would have had it before
Quincy AZ Hereford Amazing at how well and how silently the system works. The quality of the product is excellent.
David AZ Mesa One of the best tings I put in this home. Thank you!
Janet AZ Mesa WOW! What a system. Quiet, small...and works as advertised. I''ll tell all my neighbors.
Victor AZ Phoenix  The Kit was perfect, made installation easy. Didn''t have to purchase ANY additional parts.
Hank AZ Scottsdale  I like your product. It is very easy to install, well thought out.
Harold AZ Sun City It works unbelievably well. I wish we would have had it 10 years ago.
I regret that I didn''t order an extra remote switch for the other bath.
Osmand AZ Sun City West Every home in the Sun Cities Retirement Community should be required to have this system to save on water.
Randel AZ Tempe Works great! We should save water & electricity!
& Veronica
 AZ Tucson This really makes us happy!


Tucson Purchased because of satisfaction of friends purchase-so far we are
Frederick AZ Tucson Works like a DREAM!
Gary AZ Tucson These pumps should be a building code requirement.
Paula AZ Tucson Not only is it wonderful to have hot water in such a short time. I also feel good about the Savings on Water usage.
Robert AZ Tucson Excellent product-easily installed. My wife is very pleased as she was tired of waiting for hot H2O
Susan CA Anza It is a great addition to my kitchen
David CA Carlsbad Great addition to our new home---makes a lot of sense!
Richard CA Carlsbad Wonderful invention! Very happy Standard Pacific Homes included it as a standard upgrade.
Ron CA Carlsbad Very easy to install installation made simple with step by step diagrams. This was a Christmas gift from my son.
William CA Carlsbad Easy to install---works like a charm.
Dale CA Chula Vista Very satisfied with the D'MAND System. It's quiet, hot water l ess than 30 seconds after activation of the water saving & energy saving system
Sharon CA Corona I wish it had been here on day 1.
Frank CA Coronado  Been going to install one since 1994. Now its 1999, have already got neighbor to get one. Purchased from Home Depot, on information I received from you.
John CA Coronado Install a piece of CAKE---This is a great Convenience!!
Richard CA Davis Extremely pleased with installation - really clean looking job. You can use me as a reference.
Willies CA El Dorado  We love it after one day.
Gerald CA Elk Grove It is quiet!! Thanks-water gets here fast.
Gary CA Escondido QUIET & QUICK
Rick CA Escondido Peace of cake to install, torque & backing wrench important.
Wayne CA Fairfield Your system should be installed in all new houses. Old ones too!
Tamara CA Fountain Valley My water use has been cut by 20% and my electricity use 15%.
& Lorraine
 CA Fresno Great pump! It is quiet and now we get hot water in 30 seconds instead of 6-8 minutes!
Nancy CA Fullerton System operates as advertised. Wonderful Innovative Product!
You have a great product. Need to tell more people about it.
Federico CA La Jolla  Excellent product!
Thomas CA Loma Linda Lights up our Lives!
Bill CA Long Beach It worked as soon as it was installed. Warm water was there in a second or two.
Luisa CA Menlo Park Works great. Very pleased with results!
Don CA  Mission Viejo Excellent idea---SAVES WATER, ENERGY & TIME!
Monty CA Mission Viejo Awesome Job! Easiest Kit I ever installed. Didn''t leak even 1 DROP!! Saves us 3 gallons, and over 1 minute per use. I''m recommending to all friends and family
Judi CA Newbury Park I love it! No waste of cold water going down the drain.
Roberta CA Norco 800 line was very helpful/ informative!
Jake CA  Oceanside Metlund D''MAND-performs as advertised the simple installation combined with performance makes A 100% WINNER
Jerry CA Oceanside I think the water companies should give rebates to homeowners who install these unites. It''s such a great water saver. THANKS
Wilfred CA Oceanside Works as advertised! A rare quality
Gerty CA Palm Desert Read about your product in LA Times Sunday Real Estate Section. WORKS GREAT!
Janice CA Pioneer Works great! So nice to have hot water, so fast. Wish I knew about your product years ago.
Oliver CA  Placentia Easy to install plumbing wise! Very quiet--& Quick Deliver Cuts WASTE!! Should be required in all homes on Sales market. Will be very interested to see next H20 Bill!!!
Jason CA Porterville My parents have had your product for years. We just bought a house, it was what we wanted and dad installed it for us.
Jonathan CA Poway Excellent product. Cycles faster than I anticipated, remote is a great idea for second bath.
Ricardo CA Rancho Santa Fe Used to take 5 minutes to get hot water from water heater to master bath (other end of house) this is great now.
Mason CA Rancho Santa Margarita It''s GREAT! Also, helps to raise awareness of water usage by family members.
Kelsey CA Rocklin Great System-Very Easy to Install
Derek CA Sacramento From the most remote faucet I save four quarts of water every time your system is used. The faucet nearest the water heater saves three quarts each time. Should have bought, this, years ago. Very pleased.
Christina CA San Auseluro Your hot water on demand system is one of my favorite features of our bath remodeling. Thank you so much!
Bob CA  San Diego It''s just, Great!!! I no longer feel guilty letting water run until it is hot. It''s almost instant in both bathrooms.
Charles CA San Diego Works great - thanks for technical assistance by phone.
Dale CA San Diego Wish I had known about it sooner, I have been washing my face in cold water for 35 years
Gerry CA San Diego Runs quiet. Does the job. Was easy to install
James CA  San Diego It would be helpful to have the push button switch illuminated when the pump is on. It''s great! What a treat to have hot water upon demand!
James CA San Diego This is a great water conservation system.
Janelle CA San Diego My family just loves this product. Especially my 4 yr. Old who hates cold H20!
John CA San Diego It's a little miracle to hear the pump running instead of the water.
John CA San Diego Finally! Hot water with no long wait and wasting of gallons of water. It''s great-very easy to install.
Jonathan CA San Diego Very good investment, I even installed one in my brother-in-laws house and he''s happy with its results.
Joseph CA San Diego Fantastic little invention. Not only does it end my long wait for hot water, but it will save lots of gallons and $$$ from now on!
Michael CA San Diego I am very pleased with it and hope it will last a lifetime.
Richard CA San Diego Wish we had learned about it sooner, tell all my friends.
James CA San Francisco How wonderful to have hot water immediately without the waste!
Paul CA San Francisco Should be "code for all new housing!
Claude CA San Jose Runs great!
Eric CA San Jose Installer was very capable and charged a reasonable price ($100). The System works great.
Santa Ana
I have a circulating (continuous) system in another home and so I was pleased to get the same end result so reasonable in cost.
Ed CA  Santa Paula  The Unit was easy to install and hook-up, button and remote control wiring. Our hot water heater is approximately 75 to 100 ft. from last sink up stairs. Works well took approximately 1 hour to install.
Bertha CA Santa Rosa It used to take 3 minutes to get hot water to the bathroom. It now takes about 5-8 seconds! Very quiet & efficient. Thanks!
Deborah CA Santa Rosa I'm looking forward to not having to wai t so long for hot water - not to mention the waste of all the cold water waiting for the warm water to get there.
Chris CA Simi Valley Very easy installation! I saw it in POPULAR SCIENCE and LA TIMES.
Renee CA Solana Beach Works wonderfully; what a difference!
Mike CA Stockton Works like a charm!
Mike CA Stockton What a great invention!!! P.S. Need a mounting plate so it will not get knocked around under sink.
William CA  Stockton Excellent product
Jay CA Temecula Works as promised, would recommend to all who have a need your product fixes.
Colin CA Thousand Oaks Thousand Oaks
John CA Turlock My first addition to my new residence. This is the second home with your system, I wouldn't be without it
Dana CA Vista LOVE IT!

Ira (Plumber)
CA Yuba City This is the greatest invention since the microwave ovens.
Carson CO  Aurora GREAT it''s quiet and very quick to stop when hot water arrives. FANTASTIC---GREAT PRODUCT
Richard DE Newark Outstanding product! The install went without a hitch in 2 ½ hours and that included wiring a second outlet! Thank you.

FL Lecanto Excellent Product---My second Metlund System (6yr old system still runs fine). New system is much easier to install.
Stephen FL Miami Doesn't seem to shorten wait tim e appreciable, but at least all that water isn't going down the drain now!
Wayne FL Osprey Running electricity took longer than the install, install was easy. Visitors are impressed
Dale FL Pace Very well made - quiet - east installation - am happy with it.
Edgar FL  Palm Coast So far seems great. A terrific idea!
Dale FL Venice  I am telling family and friends about how well it works.
Dawson GA Savannah Excellent---Easy installation---Works Great
Lester GA Snellville  Completely fills our need and installation was easily accomplished. I would recommend the system heartily to others with similar needs.
Ryan GA W. Lithonia Used to wait a lot of seconds for warm water. Now, I get "HOT water instantly!! I love this and promoting to my subdivision.
Rebecca HI  Kailua Wow! What a difference. This is wonderful.
Ann IL Urbana  Love your product!
Jered MI Grand Rapids  I love it! I hated to wash my face at bedtime, as the water was freezing and took it so long to get warm. Great investment. I know I will save on our water bill.
Raymond  MN Hastings This is my second installation for personal use, one in MN and one in AZ. Very satisfied and easily owner installed
Foster MN New Brighton  We the love System!
Cole MO  Wildwood A huge water savings! Used to take about 4 minutes for hot water, now takes 35 seconds!
Jerry NC Black Mountain The Metlund System should be required by building codes.
Kevin  NV Henderson I wasn''t sure originally if this was worth it or a frivolous purchase. Now, I don''t know how we lived without it.
Ronald NV Hewitt  As your ad stated, the unit was installed with ease, there is a market for your product on the East Coast (NJ) where home are built on slabs.
Allen NV Las Vegas Very easy to install. Works great, as advertised.
Patricia NV Las Vegas 2nd in home and are very pleased with Larry's service (Salesman via 800#)
Reese NV Las Vegas  Very Good Idea
Steve NV Las Vegas One of these saves enough water to keep the pool full. Two more will save enough to water the law. This is the best thing since sliced bread.
Bernard NV North Las Vegas It was hard to believe how great it worked. I love it.
Donald NV Pahrump This system works very well. Will have one in every house from now on.
Peter OH Avon his is just what the Doctor ordered! No long wait, no water loss. We''re very pleased with our system.
Frances OH  Clayton You have a fine product works very well. I like the remote feature also.
Will OH Mansfield WORKS GREAT. I now have hot water at my bathroom faucets without running water down the drain waiting on the water to get hot.
Woodrow OH Oxford Meets our needs!!
Anthony OH Springboro Great Device! Hot water to kitchen time reduced from 90 seconds to 10 seconds.
Henry  OR  Eugene Best thing I ever did. Works great. We have hot water in 5 seconds.
Grace OR Monroe Just great. It does exactly what we wanted. We no longer waste water for 5 minutes while waiting for hot water.
Larry  TN Crossville Your Instruction Manual is excellent. All required hardware was provided, and everything worked satisfactorily.
Carey TN  Nashville It adds a luxury touch to our new home and saves 2 minutes of wasted water.
Lawrence TX Bastrop We are pleased! We''re so glad we saw it on Gimme Shelter!
Jack TX Dripping Springs Love this System. Larry gave and sent great information.
City of San Antonio TX City of San Antonio Rebate Program for Metlund D''MAND Systems
Betty TX San Antonio Fantastic!
Dick TX San Antonio It is the best appliance I have purchased in a long time.
Gerry  TX San Antonio Works great, as promised. We look forward to showing it off to friends. Also, including it in a water conservation interview with the San Antonio Express News.
Oscar  TX  Seguin Finally got hot water/fast in back bedroom
Daniel TX  Wylie This system is fantastic! We have dropped wait time from 5 minutes to about 50 seconds, with no water waste. Great System!
Michael VA Manassas Very satisfied - we now get hot water instantly after running pump. Thank you.
Lance VA Portsmouth Works like a charm! We love it.
Henry  VA  Richmond We've not only seen a significant reduction in our H2O bill, but we also know that we are keeping a burden off of our septic system.
Emily VA Virginia Beach For years we have tried to find a solution to our hot water problem. Became aware of your system at a Home Demo Show. It's the GREATEST! Wish we had known about it sooner!
Garrett VA Virginia Beach Joe was very knowledgeable & friendly---love the system!!
Mitch VA Virginia Beach Working as Advertised!
Pete VA Virginia Beach Excellent workmanship---system is great!
Danny WA Bellevue We reduced our time from a 2 minutes wait to 2 seconds. We have hot water. It''s great!!!
Mary WA Maple Valley Very satisfied.

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