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Instant Hot Water

Metlund D'MAND System

Possible Cause Remedy
The pump does not run when push button is pressed

A. No power at electrical outlet

B. You've plugged the controller into an electrical outlet controlled by a wall switch, (such as the outlet under many kitchen sinks that controls the garbage disposal.)

. Plug the controller into a "hot" (always on) outlet

C. Power cord is not secured to pump and valve

D. Wire to push button is not connected well

. Shut off power, then make sure wires have good contact
E. The temperature setting is already sensing "hot" water so the pump is not being activated . Reset the water temperature setting on the controller to be less sensitive
The water is not hot enough

A. Pump or valve was installed with water flow going in the wrong direction

B. There is something in the piping that has blocked the flow of water

. Check the arrows on the housings of the valve and pump to make sure they point in the correct direction

. Check the piping for obstruction

There is hot water at the cold water tap

A. The water temperature sensor is positioned incorrectly

B. The temperature sensitivity setting now in place is too low, so the pump is not shutting down soon enoug

. Check the position of the water temperature sensor to make sure it is firmly attached to the pipe

. Carefully turn the pot hole adjustment 1/8 turn at a time clockwise (use a small standard screwdriver)

Water is not hot enough when pump shuts down A. The temperature sensitivity setting now in place is too low, and the pump is turning itself off too soon . Carefully turn the pot hole adjustment 1/8 turn at a time counter clockwise (use small standard screwdriver)
There is hot water in the cold water lines only The pump is installed backwards Reinstall the pump correctly

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