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Gobi Solar Collector for Active Water Heaters - Open or Closed Loop Systems

Solar Collectors-or panels-gather energy radiated by the sun and convert it into useful heat in the form of hot water. Collectors work alongside your conventional water heater to ensure year round hot water.

Named after the harshest desert of the world, the Gobi collector features an attractive and permanent frame that is designed for good looks as well as weather resistance in both very hot and cold regions. Because of its special absorber coating, the Gobi operates efficiently also in the winter for year round hot water production. Its output will not reduce with age as is so often the case with other solar collectors.
GOBI also stands for: Great Output Best Investment.

Redesigned in 2011!

The new GOBI has undergone a complete transformation for 2011 making it the industry’s best flat plate collector. By redesigning the frame and incorporating state of the art components, the GOBI has a reduced profile and even better performance. With 3 sizes and 2 absorber surface types to choose from, there is a GOBI collector for every type of solar water heating application

Thinnest Profile – The redesigned frame is easier to handle for installers and offers the end user a streamlined, sleek look on their roof compared to bulky traditional flat plate collectors.

Rated Top Performance – New SRCC ratings certify that the GOBI now ranks among the best OG-100 collectors. The high energy output of the GOBI offers maximum performance out of the solar hot water system.

Easiest to Install – The GOBI retains its unique Dyn-O-Seal (DOS) union interconnection method. DOS unions come factory assembled and eliminate the time consuming task of soldering each collector together in an array.

Product Applications

The Gobi is designed for the heating of:

  • Domestic and commercial hot water
  • Homes, Offices, Warehouses
  • Pools, residential and commercial
  • Industrial process water
  • Waste water
  • Cooling with absorption chillers

New Design Features

• 1" reduction in frame thickness
• Improved insulation
• Full plate absorber
• Rounded frame edge
• OG-100 certified with higher performance and efficiency


GOBI Features

  1. Low profile, 6063-T6 anodized aluminum frame makes the collector extremely rigid and rust proof
  2. Factory fitted 1” Dyn-O-Seal inter-connections eliminate the need for soldering when connecting or capping off collectors
  3. Pipes sized for minimal pressure drop and optimal flow
  4. Double-strength tempered low iron solar glass with anti-glare finish resists potential damage from harsh weather conditions
  5. 2.8” thick profile makes the GOBI the thinnest collector available in the U.S.
  6. Weep slots minimize condensation
  7. Built-in flange for mounting without collector penetration


Absorber Surfaces:

gobi blueBlue sputtered coating
• Optimal heat absorption with minimal emission
• Suitable for all types of installations and regions
• Recommended for cool climates

gobi blackBlack paint coating
• An economical choice
• Adequate heat absorption in ideal climate regions
• Best for warm climates with ample solar radiation



  • Safe handling with unique nesting frame
  • No-solder connections with Dyn-O-Seal unions
  • Effortless sealing even against problem fluids with Viton 0-ring
  • Safe, fast mounting at any tilt with integrated hardware
  • Easy flashing between collectors with built-in groove


  • Exceptionally handsome styling with Heliodyne's tapered frame, a long-time tradition
  • Integrated look at any tilt with fully matched hardware
  • Beautiful but functional details such as Dyn-O-Seal unions and Helio-Clips


  • Strong corner reinforcement for freedom from distortion and leakage
  • Improved weatherability with stainless steel hardware
  • High wind and internal pressure resistance with securely fastened backing
  • High impact resistance with double strength tempered glass
  • Weathertight compression fitted seal without dependence on cap strip screws


  • High conductivity copper absorber
  • High transmittance water while glass
  • Excellent heat retention with high back and side insulation values
  • Black chrome selective surface on nickel substrate

Performance Comparison and Certification

  • Certified in the USA and Europe.
  • High SRCC, FSEC, SPF, T�V, �KO-TEST performance.
  • Collector wind load certification to 50 lbs. / ft
  • Rack wind load certification to 60 lbs. / ft

How It Works

This liquid flat plate collector is designed to absorb solar radiation. The solar radiation is converted into heat on the inner all-copper absorber. The copper tubes attached to the absorber contain a liquid, either water or a water antifreeze mix, which transports the heat to storage, either a solar tank or a water heater. This process continues until the tank is hot for evening and morning use whenever enough sun is available.

Extra components are required for a complete system to transport the heat to storage and assure its freeze protection.

The Gobi collector features an attractive and permanent frame that is designed for good looks as well as weather resistance in both very hot and cold regions. Because of its special absorber coating, the Gobi operates efficiently also in the winter for year round hot water production. Heliodyne offers the easiest mounting hardware, modular kits for sloped roofs and tilt-up racks for flat roofs or ground installations.

Product Sizes


Surface Area

Nominal Dimensions

GOBI 410 40.15 ft2 4 x 10 feet 127 lbs
GOBI 408 32.23 ft2 4 x 8 feet 102 lbs
GOBI 406 26.94 ft2 4 x 6 feet 74 lbs

Heliodyne offers the only modular line of solar energy equipment, easy to install or service.  Heliodyne collectors can be dissembled from the top by simple procedure.  Innovative Dyn-O-Seal unions, factory installed, eliminate the need for solder joints and protect the manifold grommets from damage during installation, while the versatile and unique Helio-Clips, Racks and Pin-Joint Shoes permit quick mounting at any tilt without permanent connection or collector penetration.

Heliodyne's tapered frame design offers exceptional styling, which combines with the fully matched mounting hardware to improve any property whether commercial or residential.

In addition to attractive integration into any roof design, Heliodyne's modular equipment, certified to 60 lbs. per square foot, assures resistance to high winds and snow loads and affords economically priced systems from extensive labor savings.

Collector Hardware

Simple Gobi Collector Hardware

  • Built-in Collector mounting flange all around perimeter
  • Mates with strong and versatile two-part Helio-Clips
  • Certified to withstand 50 psf
  • Strong 6063 T6 aluminum
  • Attractive flush mount installation
  • Horizontal roof or ground installation
  • Vertical surface mounting
  • Gobi landscape mounting with side-mount racks

Two Part Helio-Clip

  • Attaches to Gobi collector frame anywhere around the perimeter
  • 4 required per collector
  • Mount onto lumber, unistrut or metal channel
  • Included in all Heliodyne mounting kits, Flush or Rack

Product Manufacturer: Heliodyne, Inc.

Other components are required for a complete system to transport the heat to storage and assure its freeze protection. Check the "complete systems' link above-right for a list of available packages.

Note: All product performance tests and claims are that of the manufacturer, not Solar Direct.

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