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Sun Oven Videos


Global Sun Oven vs the new All American Sun Oven

Explains the new features of the All American Sun Oven


What is the Global Sun Oven?

Explains what the Sun Oven is, how it works and how to set it up.


Sun Oven - Emergency Preparedness

Discover the advantages of having a SUN OVEN® when the power goes out. Learn the many uses of the Solar Oven in addition to cooking including water heating and dehydrating foods.


Sun Oven Pots and Pans

See the wide variety of pots and pans which can be used in a SUN OVEN® and how to cook more than one thing at a time. Learn how to bake up to an 18 lb turkey.


Even, Non-Drying Heat

Explains why food does not burn and how the sun enhances the taste.


Dehydrating Foods

Find out how a SUN OVEN® can dry and dehydrate foods.


Water and the Sun Oven

Check out how a SUN OVEN® can be used to boil or pasteurize water, or to heat water for dishes or personal hygiene.


Additional Resources

Learn about additional resources to help you make better use of your SUN OVEN® including online recipes, and how to be prepared for emergencies.


Sun Oven Business Model

Sun Ovens International takes an entrepreneurial approach to promote self-sustaining solutions to deforestation while improving the health of women and children.


Introduction To the Global Sun Oven

How to Set Up a Global Sun Oven


Product Manufacturer: Sun Ovens International

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