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All American Sun Oven Accessories

The Sun Oven Pots are of commercial quality, easy to clean, and made to last a lifetime:
Sun Oven Roasting Pot
Sun Oven Roasting Pot
Black Graniteware
3 Quart - Round

This black ceramic-coated, all
steel roaster is perfect for use
in The Global Sun Oven�.

The 3 quart size is ideal for most meals using solar cooking, and fits precisely inside The Global Sun Oven with maximum use of interior oven space. Roasting Pot is 9 3/4 in diameter and 5 3/4 height (height includes lid)


Sun Oven Steamer PotSun Oven 4 Quart Stock Pot
With Steamer Insert
Black Granite Ware Enamel

Designed to be used with the Solar Sun Oven, this is a 4 Quart black ceramic-coated, all steel steamer that comes with an insert that can be removed for regular cooking. This size is perfect for larger meals and it fits perfectly inside the solar oven.



Sun Oven Easy-Stack Pots
Two Easy Stack Pots
with interchangeable
enamel and glass lids
3 Quart

Spill-free cooking of multiple dishes. Set of two interconnecting enamelware pots which can be safely and easily stacked. Includes an interchangeable enamel pot lid and a glass lid for improved visibility and browning. Each 3 quart pot holds 3 pounds of poultry, or a 3 pound roast.


Sun Oven Dehydrating RacksMulti-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set (3 racks with 1 roll parchment paper)

A simple and effective way to use a GLOBAL SUN OVEN� is to dry and dehydrate with the power of the sun. Easily stackable wire racks allow up to 3 layers of drying: comes with a set of 3 stackable racks and one roll of unbleached, silicone coated parchment baking paper.

Preserve Fruits & Vegetables
Dry Fish & Meats
Save Money on Food Bills

download pdf SunOven Dehydrating Brochure and Instructions


Dehydrating RacksDehydrating Racks

Dehydrating Racks Dehydrating Racks


Sun Oven Loaf pans
Sun Oven Loaf Pans 
Two loaf pans per set

Favorite size for homemade breads & cakes. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel that provides an even-heating performance. The non-stick coating makes food release and clean-up a breeze! Dimensions: 9 1/4 in. x 5 1/4 in. x 2 3/4 in. 


Sun Oven cookie sheetSun Oven Cookie/Brownie Sheets
Two baking pans per set

The pans are sold in sets of two. Dimensions are 11" x 7" x 1.5" and fit on the leveling tray inside the SUN OVEN. The pans can be cross stacked to increase the number of cookies or brownies that can be made in each batch.

Constructed of heavy-gauge steel that provides an even-heating performance, baking experts prefer for perfectly-browned baked goods. The non-stick coating makes food release and clean-up a breeze!


WAPIMulti-Fuel Water Pasteurization Indicator

A Water Pasteurization Indicator (WAPI) is a simple thermometer that indicates when water has reached pasteurization temperature and is safe to drink. Pasteurization destroys all microorganisms that cause diseases from drinking contaminated water and milk. A small polycarbonate tube contains a wax that melts when water or milk is heated enough to be pasteurized (65 C/149 F). This saves much fuel by eliminating the need to boil water or milk to ensure that the pasteurization temperature has been reached. Since water pasteurizes at temperatures well below the boiling point of water, WAPIs save time when solar pasteurizing, and save fuel when using traditional fuels.

Water Pasteurization Indicator Instructions


A Month of SUNdays Cookbook for the Solar Global SunOvenA Month of SUNdays Cookbook

Solar Cooking at Home Keeping America GREEN with Sharlene Thomas.
81 pages.
5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2  inches.
Color cover.
Color and black and white pictures.
Spiral binding.



The Morning Hill Solar  Cookbook for the Solar Global SunOvenThe Morning Hill Solar Cookery Book

Vegetarian Solar Recipes by Jennifer Stein Barker
97 pages.
9 inches by 6 inches.
Color cover.
Black and white illustrations.
Comb binding.



The Solar Chef Cookbook for the Solar Global SunOvenThe Solar Chef Cookbook

Southwestern Recipes for Solar Cooking. A Different Kind of Cookbook!
50 pages.
8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.
Color cover.
Black and white illustrations.
Spiral binding.




Watch Video: Global Sun Oven vs the new All American Sun Oven

Retro-Fit Kit. An upgrade for the Global Sun Oven

Global Sun Oven Retro-Fit Upgrade Kit

This kit will upgrade a GLOBAL SUN OVEN� to include many of the innovative features of the All American SUN OVEN�. Sun Oven not included.

The GLOBAL SUN OVEN� Reto-fit Kit includes:

E-Z Sun-track indicators
Make it easy to stay in accurate alignment with the sun for maximum temperature. The E-Z Sun-track indicators have two holes. As the light of the sun shines through the top hole, a small round dot of light will appear inside the indicator. When the oven is perfectly aligned with the sun, the round dot will be centered over the bottom hole.

All American Solar Oven Sun Tracks

Retro-Fit Kit. An upgrade for the Global Sun Oven

Extra thick Ultra WhiteTM Transparent Glass
The Ultra WhiteTM transparent Glass is 25% thicker than the glass on prior SUN OVENS� for increased shatter resistance, improved insulation, and hotter cooking temperatures.

• Lets more sun in
• Holds heat longer
• More shatter-resistant

Dual purpose leveling rack
The dual-purpose leveling rack hangs inside the oven and swings freely to prevent spilling of food when refocusing the oven. The dual-purpose leveling rack side arms can fold below the rack to sit on oven floor to increase the usable area inside the SUN OVEN� and accommodate larger pots, pans, or baking bags.

Solar Oven Leveling Rack

Wind resistant alignment leg with ground stakes
Adjusts to maintain maximum exposure to the sun. Allows you to raise or lower the oven's orientation to meet the sun on the horizon with increased stability. To prevent blowing over in high winds, the alignment leg can be staked to the ground or tied to a table.

Sun Oven

Virtual SUN OVEN� Cookbook & Emergency Preparedness Organizer CD
New SUN OVEN� eCookbook & Emergency Preparedness CD featuring 600 recipes, hundreds of pictures, video clips and much more has been developed by Cook'n, the award winning and #1 best-selling recipe organizer.

Product Manufacturer: Sun Ovens International

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» Sun Oven Accessories

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