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Gas Pool Heaters

Jandy Laars

Model Hi-E2

GAS Pool Heaters - Discover quality alternative heating options
to be sure that Gas Heating is the right choice for your pool.

Were you aware propane or natural gas has the highest operating
cost, and is the least efficient / cost effective way to heat a pool?

If you require rapid heat up, constant temperature regardless of
outside temperature, or you are heating a spa or hot tub, then the
gas heater below may be right for you.

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. other major heating methods - Heat Pumps and Solar

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HiE2 gas heaterExperience the savings offered by the most advanced and fuel efficient heater. "The best heater money can buy."  The Hi-E2 not only delivers 3 times the heating capacity of a standard heat pump, it will maintain your desired pool water temperature in all weather conditions - 365 days a year!

This ultra-efficient, low-maintenance heater is the perfect choice for pools and spas where economic operation or an extended swimming season are a major consideration.

An impressive 95% heating efficiency rating - the most efficient available without costly add-ons - make this heater an excellent value. It earns a solid 5 star rating in the Energy SuperMarket's Consumer Value guide

Jandy gas heaters will effortlessly raise your pool's temperature well into the 80-90 degree range, and/or your spa to 104 degrees, generate a rapid heat-up, plus ensure a constant temperature regardless of weather conditions.

In addition to warming the water, the swimming season can be extended in cooler climates by as much as 50 percent. Jandy units require little to no maintenance, and typically last 5 to 10 years, or more.

With over one million units installed, Jandy's Laars heaters continue to provide reliable and efficient comfort for your pool and spa. 95% EfficiencyEquals Savings!

Jandy's Laars Hi-E2 Highlights:

The Hi-E2 is a very efficient gas-fired pool and spa heater. Its combustion system includes a heat exchanger which extracts 95% of the energy in the gas fuel. It has no standing pilot burner. It exceeds the requirements of energy conservation regulations such as those in California, Hawaii, New York, Oregon and other states which require that a pool heater have intermittent ignition.

. Unique forced-air system. A unique forced-air system makes this the ideal heater for use in extreme weather and in difficult or unusual locations.

. Dual thermostat controls - Allow for different temperature settings for the pool and spa.

. Hot surface ignition system. Safe and easy to maintain, the Hi-E2 employs hot surface ignition system, completely eliminating the pilot light.

. High-tech composite materials and quality construction make this a very durable unit.

. Direct Vent with PVC pipe - Installation costs are reduced with direct PVC pipe connection capability

Laars Hi-E2 Specifications:
. 350 BTUs
5" (PVC)
. 318 lbs. shipping weight
. 216 lbs. heater weight


Pool Heating Capacity:
The heater sizing chart below lists the pool sizes that the Hi-E2 is capable of heating based on the difference between the air temperature during the coldest month the pool is used and the desired pool water temperature.
The chart indicates the maximum area (length x width) of the pool for a desired temperature difference based on a 3-1/2 mph average wind and average pool depth of 5-1/2 feet.

Model #
Temp. diff
Maximum Pool Surface Area (Sq. Ft.)
Blue figures are based on zero wind

Spa Heating Capacity:
The spa sizing chart below indicates the time required to heat spas of various sizes. Determine the number of gallons in the spa. The time indicated is the amount of time required by the heater to raise the temperature of the spa by 30ºF. For example, a 600 gallon spa will heat from 70ºF to 100ºF in approximately 28 minutes depending on factors such as wind, insulation and location.

Model #
Spa Size [gal]
Time to Heat Spa 30ºF [minutes]



Gas Heater Installation - Upon delivery of unit,
installation of a heater can be performed by homeowner, but The Energy SuperMarket strongly recommends the installation of any new or replacement gas heater be done by trained personnel, a licensed and insured contractor, or by a pool/spa professional.

Gas Connections - Actual hook-up of the gas connections and the turn-on of the gas itself are highly recommend, and in most states legally required, to be performed by a licensed and insured plumber, or a gas utility company employee.

. Critical WarningDo not attempt to connect gas lines or turn-on gas yourself! Serious personal injury, damage to the unit and/or home, fire, or explosion could result !!!


Function: Warms pool/spa to 80-90° plus extends season
Benefits: Maximizes your pool/spa investment! Pays for itself
in just 2 years [Based on estimated operating costs using Department of Energy RSPEC Software Program]

Product Applications:
. Residential and commercial installations. Multiple units
. can be easily stacked for larger facilities
. Do-it-yourself project; average three hour installation
. Change-out feasible by handy-person / hand tools
. Gas hook-up performed by a licensed professional
Easy to read step-by-step installation manual
. Excellent for pools/spas at residential, condo, resort,
. hotel, motel, and vacation home locations
. Supplementing a gas heater with a solar pool cover
. greatly enhances its performance, plus reduces
. energy costs up to 70 percent - thereby saving
. hundreds of dollars per year in pool heating costs!

Product Features:
. Sealed combustion chamber and automatic power venting
. [eliminates downdrafting]
. Certified by AGA, CGA and ASME for commercial use
. Exceeds AQMD [Air Quality Management District]
. environmental standards. NOx emissions are the lowest
. in the industry

. Swimming season extended up to 50% in cool climates
. Heats spa to toasty 104 degrees - maximum legal limit

. Warranty - 5 Year Limited Warranty

. Proper unit selection supported by customer service agent
. Installation supported by engineering tech assistance
. Toll-Free help line and/or online e-mail tech support
. Worldwide shipping available - delivered to your doorstep
. Lowest factory direct pricing available anywhere! 
. Guaranteed.

Product Manufacturer: Jandy

NOTICE:  Southern CA and TX law requires Low Nox units. 
Units delivered and installed in these areas must select Low Nox. 

PDF Download

Operation and Installation Manual

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