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Solar PV Electric

OutBack Inverter

Grid-Interactive Solar System - Model PS1-3000
Product Benefits:
  • Simple Installation
  • High Performance
  • Maintenance Free
  • Ultra Reliable
  • Type 3R Rainproof

Product Features:

  • Battery-based Power Back-up
  • True Sinewave Output
  • CEC certified 91% Efficiency Inverter
  • Zero AC Watts Consumed at Night
  • Proven Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • 16 Millisecond AC Transfer Switch
  • Type 3R Rainproof
  • Multiple Anti-Islanding Safeguards
  • Standard 5-year Warranty

The PS1 is advanced engineering and refinement that you have come to expect from OutBack Power in a next generation grid-interactive solar electric system. The system’s battery back-up is a silent and hands-off alternative to noisy and maintenance intensive generators. Designed with an emphasis on performance, the PS1 system operates similarly to standard solar inverters but with the unique benefit of uninterrupted power during utility outages.

In side-by-side “real world” testing, the PS1 system performs within 5% of the industry leading battery-less grid-tie inverter. This translates into more money savings when using net metering.

The same field proven MPPT technology found in the MX60 solar charge controller is featured in the PS1. This technology gives the system the ability to use your PV array at its peak output.

Uninterrupted AC power is provided by the system’s true sinewave inverter that has an industry leading, California Energy Commission (CEC) certified, efficiency of 91% – thus guaranteeing that your household appliances run seamlessly while utilizing all available solar power.

Your recommended AGM batteries are maintained and charged by aninnovative OutBack multi-stage charging process, this valuable feature assists in providing reliable back-up power and a battery life up to 10 years.

Like every OutBack Power product, the PS1 is rugged. All components are protected within an aluminum type 3R rainproof enclosure.

An ultra-fast 16 millisecond AC transfer switch guarantees that even sensitive back-up loads, like computers, never know when a grid outage occurs.

The ETL listed system is pre-wired by OutBack engineers to ensure that the PS1 system works reliably for years to come. A standard 5-year warranty provides peace of mind and satisfies state rebate requirements.

High performance, battery back-up, and proven OutBack engineering makes the PS1 system the only choice for a premium grid interactive solar power system.

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