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Solar PV Electric

Solar Freedom PV Starter Kit

Grid-Interconnected Solar System with Battery Storage
Start with a Storm Outage Back-up System...

 ...Grow into Full Energy Independence!
  • Peace of Mind
  • Energy Independence
  • Environmentally Responsible

Enough sunlight hits the United States each day to provide for the entire world’s electricity needs. Taking advantage of this clean, renewable and highly available resource could put Americans in control of their electrical needs. While devastating storms will continue to ravage the country, Americans could potentially avoid the electrical blackouts left in their wake.

Coming to the aid of home-owners seeking both lower monthly bills and reliable home power solutions, Solar Direct offers consumers the Solar Freedom™ Package Starter Kit, an All-In-One entry-level solar photovoltaic (PV) package, combining immediate power backup, regular monthly utility savings and the long-term ability to grow the home solar system into complete energy-independence.

Benefits of PV Power Systems

  • Solar power systems lower your utility bills and insulate you from utility rate hikes and price volatility due to fluctuating energy prices
  • Solar increases property value and home resale opportunities
  • Purchase of a solar power system allows you to take advantage of available tax and financial incentives
  • Solar electric systems are quiet, reliable, fossil-fuel free
  • Unlike mobile power generators, avoids Greenhouse gas emissions

Base Product Components

Photovoltaic Panels
A 3 panel system consisting of 550 watt-hours sufficient for running select home appliances in “survival mode”.

PS1-3000 Inverter

  • 3000VA Vented Inverter
  • Battery-based Power Back-up - AGM Batteries
  • MX60 Charge Controller
  • True Sinewave Output
  • CEC certified 91% Efficiency Inverter
  • Zero AC Watts Consumed at Night
  • Proven Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • 16 Millisecond AC Transfer Switch
  • Type 3R Rainproof Enclosure
  • Multiple Anti-Islanding Safeguards
  • Standard 5-year Warranty

PS1-3000 Complete Details


1. SOLAR PV PANELS convert sunlight instantly into DC electric power. With a PV (photovoltaic) system, your home will operate even during a utility power outage.

2. INVERTER converts DC power into standard AC power for use in the home, synchronizing with utility power whenever the electrical grid is distributing electricity

3. BATTERIES (included in the Inverter) provide power during a utility outage. Solar PV panels continues to re-charge batteries each day to maintain battery charge.

4. UTILITY POWER is automatically provided at night and
during the day when the demand exceeds your solar electric power production. Utility meter actually spins backwards when solar power production exceeds house demand, allowing you to credit any excess electricity against future utility bills.

5. HOUSE BREAKER BOX Existing electrical panel distributes solar electricity and utility power to loads (appliances) in the house.

6. HOME APPLIANCES watt usage varies. Based on a 6 sun hours per day of sun, a Solar Freedom Starter Kit™ can supply: Refrigerator 500 watts 5 hrs, TV 150 watts .75 hr, Light Bulb 60 watts 1 hr, Radio 1 watt 10 hrs, Microwave 600 watts .25 hr

How does it Work?

The Solar Freedom™ Starter Kit converts sunlight into DC electricity through the use of solar panels (PV Modules). From there, the DC electricity is fed through the inverter which transforms it into utility-grade AC electricity to power your home. Sometimes, your home will require more electricity than the system provides and the excess need is filled by the utility company. However, when less electricity is required than the system is generating, the excess can be fed (or sold) back to the utility. In the event of a blackout, the Solar Freedom™ Starter Kit relies on its unique battery back-up to continue to provide minimal electricity to your home.

Part or the entire household load is powered via the inverter connected to the existing household circuit breaker box. Typically, heavy energy consumption devices such as air-conditioners, electric heating, electric stoves, heat pumps and electric hot water heaters are left running directly on the utility power. These devices are seen as non-critical during a utility outage due to their high instantaneous power and daily energy consumption, placing a huge burden on the system inverter and energy storage battery bank during a utility failure. In the event of a utility power outage, power will be lost to the “big”, non-critical loads. At the same time, the inverter will take over supply to the “dedicated” loads, supplying with power until the utility power is restored.

What Does It Do?

The Solar Freedom™ Starter Kit is able to run your home in “critical mode” for approximately 3 days during a storm or other electrical outage. For example, the Solar Freedom Starter Kit can run an energy-efficient refrigerator for 24 hours/day, keeping your food fresh. It can simultaneously run a TV for 45 minutes/day and a clock radio for 10 hours, keeping your family in communication with the world. In addition, a microwave over can be run for 15 minutes, providing your family with 2-3 hot meals.

During normal operating periods, the system will continue to provide your home with excess energy even when the electric companies get back online. This will allow you to continually keep monthly utility bills under control.
The table below demonstrates typical home appliances that can be supported by Solar Freedom™ when running the home in “power outage” survival mode. As the system is upgradeable, more solar modules (and home appliance support) can be added over time, to support up to 3000 Watts of electricity usage per day.

Example Appliance “Critical Use” Patterns Supported by the base Solar Freedom™ Starter Kit (550 Watts of solar-based electricity)*

Primary Usage
Average Watts
Usage 1
Usage 2
Standard Refrigerator
24 hours**
Energy-Efficient Refrigerator
24 hours***
25-inch color TV
45 minutes
7 hours
One lamp
1 hour
10h hours
Clock radio
10 hours
10 hours
Small Microwave Oven
15 min
15 min

*Appliances and usage time varies; table based on 6 sun hours per day. Battery backup without the sun averages 3 days.

**Standard refrigerator use based on a reduced operating temperature during power outages; performance can be increased by making ice blocks before outage for thermal storage.

***SunFrost super-efficient refrigerator operating under normal conditions.



By investing in a Solar Freedom™ Starter Kit, you are immediately enrolled in Solar Direct’s Frequent E-Buyer Award Program. Points can be applied toward additional solar PV add-on purchases as well as toward solar water heating and solar pool heating purchases. Call for details.

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Receive 30% Federal Tax Credit

The Energy Act of 2005 allows you to receive a federal tax credit worth 30% of the system cost!

Energy Policy Act
Energy Act FAQ
FERC website

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