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Get Energy Smart Retrofit Program

Get Energy Smart - Retrofit Program for Sarasota Area - Homeowners can get rebates and low-interest loans to upgrade their properties with energy saving technologies. The program is being offered by Sarasota County and the cities of North Port, Venice and Sarasota.

Would you like to save energy in your home?

Want to know more about existing incentives to help improve your home’s energy efficiency?
The Get Energy Smart Retrofit Program is here to help local homeowners reduce the up-front cost of cost saving energy efficiency measures for their homes. The program aims to increase the energy efficiency of existing homes in Sarasota County through incentives and information on home energy retrofit strategies. With free Do It Yourself energy saving kits, rebates on more in depth home energy improvements and comprehensive energy audits and loans for low income homeowners, the Get Energy Smart Retrofit Program will help you save money and energy in your home for years to come. The program also provides a pre-qualified list of Participating Contractors to do the work, creating jobs right here in our community.


Take advantage of these incentives
and start saving now!

Program Benefits

The Get Energy Smart Retrofit Program can help you in making your home more energy efficient. Home energy efficiency improvements can help to reduce high-energy bills, improve comfort and help to protect the environment. Improving energy efficiency is also an important first step for homeowners interested in remodeling and adding value to their homes.

At the community level, the program will help create or retain jobs in the sectors of building and renovation as well as energy-related specialties such as energy audits. It will also reduce the collective energy and carbon footprint of our residential sector, the largest contributor to local greenhouse gas emissions within the built environment. Homeowners can:

reduce your carbon footprintReduce Your Carbon and Energy Footprint: Energy use for the average Sarasota County household adds 10.6 tons Carbon dioxide equivalent into the atmosphere per year. That is equal to the emissions created by burning over 22 barrels of oil. By reducing the use of energy in our homes, we can reduce our reliance on imported sources of energy and protect our environment from the impacts of traditional energy sources.

Save Money: With rising energy costs, energy efficiency makes more sense than ever. By reducing the energy required to operate your home, you will save money on your monthly utility bill.

Save money with financial rebatesTake Advantage of Financial Incentives: In addition to the savings that you will receive in your monthly utility bill, home energy retrofits are also the subject of many financial incentives from state, federal and utility sources. The Get Energy Smart Retrofit Program aims to maximize the dollars available by providing rebates and loans for energy retrofits that are also the subject of other incentive programs.

This program is an important step to help move our community to a more sustainable and resilient economy and energy infrastructure, with benefits in terms of cost savings, energy independence, reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

We are a fully accredited Participating Contractor.

For details & free proposal contact Alan at 800-333-9276 ext 203 |

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