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AE Solar Water Heater Collector

» General Features
» Dimensions & Specifications
» Technical Specifications
» Why Choose AET Collectors?
» Tests and Code Approvals
» Mounting Hardware Options

AE-Series "Flat Panel" Solar Thermal Collectors, manufactured in The United States by Alternate Energy Technologies (AET), are designed to meet the needs of any solar system including solar hot water, space heating, radiant floor heating or industrial process heat. AET is dedicated to building the AE-Series Collectors from the finest materials and with the highest standards of craftsmanship

AE Series Collector Features:

• Wind load tested to 195 MPH
• Crystal Clear™ selective coatings
• Extruded aluminum frame and battens
•Thermax™ polyisocyanurate foam insulation
• Aircraft aluminum pin grip rivets
• 30+ year design life
• 10 year warranty
• Proudly made in the U.S.A.
• THERMAFIN ™ absorber plates
• Quick-lock mounting hardware


Crystal Clear™ Selective Coating
The Crystal Clear™ Solar-Selective coating is technically a Quartz Encapsulated Bimetallic Alloy. Thousands of nanocrystalline
growth projections dramatically increase the surface area of the absorber plate for maximum solar radiation absorption and
performance. Crystal Clear™ has been tested for over 1450 hours at 617o F continuously with minimal visible or physical
degradation of its thermal characteristics. Furthermore, Crystal Clear™ by itself enhances the thermal performance of the
absorbers by an additional 3%. The finished coating hosts an Absorptivity of > 0.96 & Emissivity of < 0.08

THERMAFIN™ Absorbers
AET Introduced THERMAFIN™ absorbers into the AE-Series collectors in 1996. Through extensive research and
development, we have employed the best heat transfer method in the world today. THERMAFIN's high-frequency,
forge weld process molecularly bonds the fin to the tube providing long-lasting performance and durability while
allowing the highest heat conduction. The high-frequency welded joints will not weaken, expand, or pull apart and
are backed by a written 30 year guarantee.

Baked Polyester C-Channel Construction
Our AE-Series Collector frames are fabricated in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in Jacksonville, Florida.
Crafted using extruded baked polyester (MB-40) electrostatic bronze painted aluminum and securely fastened with aircraft
grade pin grip rivets, AE-Series Collectors are built to withstand the most demanding environments.


AE Series Collector Dimensions and Specifications:

Collector AE21 AE24 AE26 AE28 AE32 AE40
Length (in) 85.187 97.187 77.187 85.187 97.187 121.187
Width (in) 35.187 35.187 47.187 47.187 47.187 47.187
Height (in) 3.137 3.137 3.137 3.137 3.137 3.137
Gross Area ft2 20.8 23.7 25.3 27.9 31.8 39.7
Transparent Area ft2 19.2 21.9 23.6 26.1 29.9 37.4
Dry Weight (lbs) 74 84 90 99 113 153
Working Pressure
165 PSI
Recommended Flow Rate
0.5 to 1.18 GPM
10 Years


Technical Specifications:


AE-Series Collectors with exclusive selective "Crystal Clear" inside

Low-Iron tempered glass, exclusively using our "High-T" tempered glass, with a total solar energy transmission of 90%.

Collector Frame and Battens:
Type 6063-T6 extruded aluminum frame and battens with electrostatic bronze plate finish that facilitates long life and strength.

Polyisocyanurate foam board insulation. Foil-faced, glass fiber- reinforced, rigid board Thermax sheathing (1-1/4" in the bed / 3/4" in the sidewalls).

Mounting Hardware:
The variable "Quick Lock" mounting hardware reduces mounting time and makes it simple for anyone to install. The Quick Lock System allows the highest flexibility in mounting and is tested to wind load conditions of 195 mph. Mounting possibilities include: Pitched roof, Flat roof, Ground, Balcony, and Facade mounting.

Absorber Plate:
Manufactured by Thermafin™ Mfg., a 100% copper absorber plate, the fin and the riser tube are molecularly bonded by high- frequency forge welding.

Absorber Coating:
Exclusively by Thermafin™ Mfg., a Selective "Crystal Clear" Coating, a = 0.96 e = 0.08

Gasket Grommets:
A UV durable EPDM, U-channel gasket with molded corners which prohibits water penetration and assures long life. Extruded Silicone Grommet with 1-1/8" Bore.

Corner Bracket:
Architectural aluminum angles inside with aircraft-grade pin grip rivets to ensure high stability.

5056 Aluminum rivets secure the backsheet. Batten screws are 18-8 SS, 10-24 x 3/8", hex head screws, and black oxide coated.

Type 3105-H14, 0.019" stucco embossed aluminum sheet (bronze) pop-riveted to aluminum frame.

Design Life: 30 Years
Warranty: 10 Years
Working Pressure: 165 PSI
Flow Rate: 0.5 to 1.8 GPM (recommended)


Why choose AET and AE-Series Solar Collectors?

  • AET and its predecessors are based in the United States and have been manufacturing solar thermal collectors since 1975.
  • AET has managers, engineers and installation experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the solar industry.
  • Al I AE-Series collectors feature an attractive low profile skylight design.
  • AET's new energy efficient Thermatool solid-state weld head has reduced the carbon footprint of manufacturing solar collectors by 25%.
  • AET is proud to provide collectors that are designed for 30+ years of dependable service and carry a full 10 year warranty.
  • The AE-Series collector's quick-lock mounting hardware is integrated into the frame wall for easy collector installation and to add to its already attractive design.
  • AET collectors are built with quality components to ensure durability and performance.
  • Our Crystal Clear™ selective coating is non-toxic and a more efficient electro-plating than other coating methods used in the solar industry.

Tests and Code Approvals

AE Series Solar Collectors have been constructed to meet the major applicable national and international codes including the following:

Miami Testing Laboratory
Wind Load Test (ASTM E 330)
Certification No. 94 1028 01

Florida Solar Energy Center
Test Methods and Minimum Standards for Solar Collectors (ASHRAE Std 93-1986)

Solar Rating and Certification Corporation SRCC
Standard 100-Tested Methods and Minimum Standards for Certifying. Solar Collectors (ASHRAE Std 93-1986)

International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) - Uniform Solar Energy Code (USEC) File No. S-5038

Bodycote Materials Testing Canada Inc.
Report No. 02 08 0513

TUV Bayern Sachen e.V.
(DIN 4757) Report No. 28600399

Bundesforschungs - und Prufzentrum Arsenal
ORNORM M 7714 - Order No. M 4 015

Mounting Hardware Options

AET's exclusive "Quick Lock" mounting systems allow for virtually any collector orientation and mounting. Collectors can be mounted to any roof, vertical wall, fascia boards, pre-constructed racks or ground mount systems. The framewall and mount have been certified to withstand 180 mph winds. The framewall will accept the mounts anywhere around the collector without drilling or tapping, so the integrity of the framewall is not violated. The rear struts can be cut to any length allowing proper elevation and orientation.

AET Standard Mounting   Standard Mount System
AET Rack Mounting   Rack Mount System
AE Flush Mount   Flush Mount System
AET Tilt Mount  

Tilt Mount Assemmbly.
Tilted installation side view below

AET Tilted Installation Side View

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Energy Policy Act

30% Rebate

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Owner's Manual
Collector Brochure
Pressure Drop
Wind Load
AE32 FSEC Cert.
AE32 SRCC Cert.
AE40 FSEC Cert.
AE40 SRCC Cert.

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