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Helio-Pak Heat Transfer Appliance

Made by Heliodyne

Heat Transfer ApplianceThe Helio-Pak (HPAK) is an all-in-one closed loop heat transfer appliance, specifically designed to simplify solar hot water systems, and provide maximum heat transfer. The HPAK comes factory assembled, and wired with all necessary components, making installation a trouble-free experience. With its unique design, the SRCC rated its performance as being 25% more efficient than conventional internal heat exchangers.

A major benefit the Helio-Pak provides is that it attaches directly onto the hot water tank. As a result, under certain conditions, the HPAK can be mounted onto a pre-existing water tank, thereby reducing costs. This is a feature no other solar hot water heat-exchanger on the market can offer.

Product Features

  • Augmented heat exchanger surface promotes maximum heat generation
  • Superior heat transfer via unique counterflow design
  • 25% more efficient than conventional internal heat exchangers
  • Under certain conditions, can mount to existing tank
  • "Plug & Play" installation
  • Viewable heat exchanger leak detection
  • Several sizes available for differing loads

The Helio-Pak comes assembled with:

  • Double-wall external heat exchanger with leak detection
  • Delta-T controller w/ sensors
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Expansion tank
  • Pressure gauge
  • 2 combo valves; 1 check valve, 1 ball valve, and 1 thermometer
  • 2 Pumps

Product Specifications

Model HPAK16 HPAK24 HPAK32


Heat transfer rate
(BTU / hour1)
16,000 24,000 32,000 48,000
Recommended Flow Rate2 (Gallons per Minute) 3 4 6 9
Max Collector Surface Area (ft2) 96 160 200 321
Recommended Pump Speed (Energy Use) 1 (60W) 2 (90W) 2 (90W) 3 (110W)
Max Piping Resistance3 (ft of Water) 2 5 6 7
Weight (lbs) 55 65 75 90
Expansion Tank 2 gal. 2 gal. 5 gal. 5 gal.
Voltage 110VAC
60 Hz
110 VAC
60 Hz
110 VAC
60 Hz
110 VAC
60 Hz
1 - At full sun and 20º log mean temperature differential 2 - With max collector surface area installed 3 - With recommended pump speed

More Information » Technical Specifications

Helio-Pak Pro Upgrade
The Helio-Pak Pro (with pre-installed Delta-T Pro controller) further enhances the residential solar hot water system, with the addition of user-friendly customizable settings, remote navigation, and expanded system performance data.

Upgrade Features

  • Remote Wi-Fi system navigation
  • BTU metering
  • Stored energy data (BTU, °F, GPM)
  • Adjustable user settings
  • Vacation mode


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