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Tubular Skylight, Natural Solar Lighting

tubular skylightTubular Skylight™ is one of a new generation of technologically advanced products that are improving the quality of our lives while reducing our cost of living.

Technology need not be complicated. Major breakthroughs are often the result of getting back to basics and using the best materials to perform the simplest task. Tubular Skylight™ performs a very important task in the simplest way possible.

Manufactured in Southwest Florida, Tubular Skylight™ brings daylight from the rooftop into your home, school, office or factory.

The Florida Energy Conservation Office reports that Tubular Skylight™ increased light levels to the equivalent 1800 watts of light and produced 68% less heat. Tubular Skylight™ is the only product of its kind used by NASA - Kennedy Space Center.

It is inexpensive, easy to install, requires no maintenance, generates no heat, and there is no electric bill. Rooms that are naturally lit feel warmer and are more comfortable on the eyes. Sunlight is the ergonomic (the science of comfort) solution to your lighting needs.

How Does It Work?

It is simplicity redefined. A small clear dome on the roof allows sunlight to enter a highly reflective tube that guides sunshine to your ceiling. A translucent diffuser lens gently disperses natural light throughout your room.

Only a Tubular Skylight™ produces clean light that has a 98.7 Color Rendering Index. That means there are virtually no color distortions. For this reason, light produced by Tubular Skylight™ is more appealing than the 'blue" light produced by competitor's products or the "yellow" light produced by artificial lights.

The Best Light Source For Your Home

Proven by tests to bring in 98.7% full spectrum natural sunlight, Tubular Skylight™ will enhance the true colors and beauty of your home. As the light illuminates the room, it looks and feels more spacious helping to fight claustrophobia and winter blues.

The full spectrum light flooding your home also promotes a healthy environment by improving air quality through the reduction of mold and mildew. While blocking out heat, glaring harsh light and harmful UV rays, the light will not fade your carpets, drapes or furniture.

Save Energy and Money - No Heat Gain or Loss!

Tubular Skylight, Inc. is the only manufacturer with tested and proven R-22 or greater insulation factor, which means no heat or cold will come down the tube into your home and no air conditioning or heat will escape. This makes our units the most energy efficient skylights on the market, saving mother natures resources and your precious dollars!

Award Winning Design

Award winning design provides ultimate flexibility for any home. A straight tube installation maximizes light levels. If required an adjustable four section elbow lets you get the exact angle necessary for installation anywhere in your home.

The ceiling lens looks like a traditional frosted light fixture. It goes with any decor. Various shapes, styles and hand leaded designs are available.

Low Roof Mount

Standard Roof Mount

Available in Standard and Low Roof Mount. Both roof mounts adjust to the roof pitch (elbows are not required) and create an interior reflector system allowing maximum light input, even on a north facing roof. The dual sealed and ridged gutter flashings ensure no leakage problems.

Product Applications

TSL-46 Small - The most compact design perfect for powder rooms, pantries, half baths and closets.

TSL- 100 Medium - An ideal choice for bathrooms, hallways, closets, laundry rooms or any small room in your home.

TSL-400 Large - Best used in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, garages, playrooms, offices and event basements. Brightens up to 20 feet x 20 feet (400 square feet).

TSL-900 Commercial - Perfect for commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental facilities and working environments that require a much greater intensity of light.

Product Benefits

  • Four sizes to choose from
  • Double insulated diffuser lens
  • Self cleaning roof dome
  • Sealed and Waterproof
  • Lights up to 900 square feet (30 ft. x 30 ft.)
  • No mess installation within hours
  • Easy enough for a handyman to install
  • No structural changes
  • Minimal heat gain or loss
  • Free Energy - save on electric bills
  • Maintenance Free
  • Burglar proof
  • Evenly disperses light throughout your room
  • Does not fade carpet or furniture (UV - Free Sunshine)
  • Full spectrum lighting-the healthy choice
  • Improves attitudes of the winter blues
  • Requires about 1/3 as much light as Fluorescent lights
  • Best light source for color rendering
  • Improves work efficiency
  • Improves air quality by reducing molds & mildew
  • Optimum light without radiant heat
  • As much light as a traditional skylight 10 times its size
  • Reasonably priced-a fraction of the cost of a traditional skylight installed
  • Fits where traditional skylights don't
  • Pollution Free

Product Features

Exterior Dome

  • Clear Acrylic
  • High Impact Resistant
  • UV Stable (non-yellowing)

Flashing System

  • Galvalume Flashing - 10 times more corrosive resistant than galvanized
  • Adjustable to fit a variety of pitches (flat to 8/12 pitch). Other flashings are available for varied roof pitches.

Insulator Disk

  • Creates dead air pocket
  • UV Stable Acrylic (non-yellowing)

Light Diffuser Lens

  • Translucent White Acrylic
  • Spreads Daylight Evenly
  • UV Stable (non-yellowing)

Mirrored Tubing: .020 Aluminum with a 95% Reflective Surface - creates light with a 98.7 Color Rendering Index adhesive process

Insulation Rating: Performance equivalent of R-22

Roof Types
Shingle or Tile Roll Roofing Foam Tar & Gravel
Metal Cedar Shake Rubber Torch Down

Ceiling Types
Acoustical Plaster Flat Vaulted
Drywall Wood Suspended No Ceiling

Recommended Usage

Size Typical Room Use Maximum Recommended
Tubing Length
Approximate Room Size
5.5" Diameter Tube
Pantries, Closets, Half Baths 6 feet 6 x 6
8" Diameter Tube
Bathrooms, Hallways 10 feet 10 x 10
13" Diameter Tube
Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Office 20 feet 20 x 20
21" Diameter Tube
Industrial Warehouse 30 feet 30 x 30

Eclipse™ Electric Dimming System

You can customize your light level using the Eclipse Electric Dimming System - The only light pipe dimmer! Kit includes a shutter, motor, transformer, switch and full installation instructions. Specified diameter is required. Eclipse is available at an additional cost.


General Info

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