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UniRac® SolarMount™

unirac mount

SolarMount is much more than a product. It's a system of engineered components that can be assembled into a wide variety of PV mounting structures. With SolarMount you'll be able to solve virtually any PV module mounting challenge. It's also a system of technical support: complete installation and code compliance documentation, an on-line SolarMount Estimator, person-to-person customer service, and design assistance to help you solve the toughest challenges. Which is why SolarMount is PV's most widely used mounting system.

flush mount   low profile mounting   high profile mounting

Three great innovations make PV's most versatile mounting system better than ever:

  1. SolarMount® Ballast Frame
  2. SolarMount® Light
  3. UniRac Grounding Clip
  • SolarMount® Ballast Frame

ballast mountThe SolarMount system is more flexible than ever with the introduction of a ballast frame, in most cases requiring no penetrations whatsoever. Learn more from our data sheet SolarMount Modular PV Ballast Frame, which you can download at

  • SolarMount® Light

unirac solar collector mountLower-cost SolarMount Light rail employs 38 percent less aluminum than standard rail, yet it's more than strong enough for flush applications. Use the same installer-friendly top mounting clamps and footing components that work with SolarMount standard rail.

  • UniRac Grounding Clip

grounding clipSave time and materials by eliminating the need to tediously install a grounding lug on each module and bare copper wire between all modules. Instead, simply press one of these clips into the top slot of the SolarMount rail at the end of the row and between each pair of modules as they are installed. Align and fasten the modules with SolarMount top mounting clamps in the usual manner. The nibs of the UniRac Grounding Clip pierce the anodizing as the mounting nuts are tightened, thus creating a ground path through the SolarMount rail. Complete the installation by installing one grounding lug at the end of the SolarMount rail. Connect the lugs with a bare copper wire to ground the entire array.

SolarMount® Rail Options

  • SolarMount® HD

HD (heavy duty) rail adds the SolarMount advantage to PV PoleTops®, U-LAs (see separate data sheets), and custom applications that require long spans.

  • Standard SolarMount®

Standard rail gives you ultimate flexibility, including bottom mounting and tilt-up options.

  • SolarMount® Light

In flush mounted arrays, easy handling SolarMount® Light rail saves aluminum and expense without compromising structural integrity.

  • Splice Bars

In flush and low profile installations, securely join SolarMount® rail sections using rail footing slots.

Module mounting assembly sequence is your choice:

  • Top Mounting Clamps

top clampsSolarMount T-bolts quickly mount your modules to any SolarMount rail from the top. This is ideal for flush mount applications, such as residential rooftops, where it is most convenient to secure footings and rails before installing modules. Clamps securely grip any point of the module frame, freeing you from the constraints of module mounting holes.

  • Bottom Mounting Clips

bottom mounting clipsUse bottom mounting clips (standard and HD rail only) whenever you prefer to attach rails directly to the module mounting holes. Simply fit the clip into its rail slot over the mounting bolt for a secure connection. Adjust the clip position anywhere along the rail slot. Alignment of rails to module mounting holes is always easy and convenient.

  • Junction Plates

junction platesIn shared-rail configurations (standard and HD rail only), attach modules with four-slot junction plates. North-south slots secure the rail to the plates. East-west slots secure a module on each side of the rail.

System Footing

  • Flexible Components Speed Installation

Secure footings bolt quickly and easily to footing bolt slots in any SolarMount® rail.

  • Standoffs

Use standoffs whenever flashed installations are required, on tile roofs, for example. Two-piece aluminum standoff allow precise placement of a flashing over a secured base prior to the installation of the standoff itself.

All standoff types come in four standard heights: 3, 4, 6, and 7 inches. Appropriate flashings are available.

  • L-feet

L feetStandard for ground mount installations, L-feet mount rails to residential and commercial rooftops as well. Use them alone above asphalt composition shingles or in conjunction with flat top standoffs. Rail mounting holes are at two heights. In flush mounts, use the upper hole to raise the modules and promote air flow for cooling. Where aesthetics are the greater concern, use the lower hole to keep the modules close to the roof.

  • Strut-in-Tube Style Legs

strutQuickly set the precise tilt angle required. Styles are available for high profile (1 or 2 legs per rail) and low profit le installations. Each series offers three leg lengths so that you can adjust to exactly the tilt angle you want — up to a maximum of 60 degrees — without cutting and drilling at the job site.

Full compatibility
Mount any framed PV module:

  • AEE
  • BP Solar
  • Evergreen
  • GE Energy
  • Isofoton
  • Kaneka
  • Kyocera
  • Mitsubishi
  • Photowatt
  • Sanyo
  • Schott Solar
  • Sharp
  • SolarWorld (Shell)
  • SunPower
  • SunTech
  • SunWize
  • Uni-Solar
  • Yingli

Code Compliant

The SolarMount® system is PE certified. Call UniRac for documentation applicable to your building code.


SolarMount® is covered by a 10-year limited product warranty and a 5-year limited finish warranty.

Component Specifications

6061-T6 and 6063-T5

  • SolarMount ballast frame

6105-T5 aluminum extrusion

  • SolarMount® rails
  • Mounting clips and clamps
  • Tilt legs and L-feet
  • two-piece standoffs

Severe Condition 4 (very severe) zinc-plated welded steel

  • One-piece standoffs

18-8 stainless steel

  • Fasteners


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