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Solar Electric System Sizing
Step 2 - Optimize Your Power System Demands

At this point, it is important to examine your power consumption and reduce your power needs as much as possible. (This is true for any system, but it is especially important for home and cabin systems, because the cost savings can be substantial.)

First identify large and/or variable loads (such as water pumps, outdoor lights, electric ranges, AC refrigerators, clothes washers, etc.) and try to eliminate them or examine alternatives such as propane or DC models. The initial cost of DC appliances tends to be higher than AC, but you avoid losing energy in the DC to AC conversion process, and typically DC appliances are more efficient and last longer.

Replace incandescent fixtures with fluorescent lights wherever possible. Fluorescent lamps provide the same level of illumination at lower wattage levels.

If there is a large load that you cannot eliminate, consider using it only during peak sun hours or only during the summer. (In other words, be creative!)

Revise your Load Sizing Worksheet now with your optimized results.


Step 1 -
Determine Your Power Consumption Demands
Step 2 - Optimize Your Power System Demands
Step 3 - Size Your Battery Bank
Step 4 - Determine the Sun Hours Available Per Day
Step 5 - Size Your Array


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