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Instant Hot Water

Metlund D'MAND Installation

The Hot Water D'MAND® System is easy to install. The modular design simplifies installation on standard plumbing or dedicated return line.

download pdf D'MAND Installation Manual (PDF)

For complete instructions please click above

1. Remove the shutoffs under your sink after turning off the main water supply. Be sure to open the water valve outside to relieve the pressure in plumbing lines. The shutoffs shown here are attached with compression fittings that you can remove with an adjustable wrench. If your shutoffs are soldered on, remove them with a mini tubing cutter or a hacksaw, cutting as close to the shutoff as possible.

2. Before installing copper the T's, remove the compression nut from the threaded end and slide onto the opposite tapered end of the T. Install the copper that comes with the pump unit onto the hot and cold water lines. You can use the compression ring and the compression nut from the shutoffs, since a previously used compression ring usually can't be removed without cutting the pipe. Tighten the compression nut with an adjustable wrench.
3. Mount the hot and cold shutoffs on the unthreaded end of the copper tees, using the compression ring and compression nut that comes with the tees.

4. Attach the two ¾" flexible water heater connectors to the tee bottoms, then to the threaded elbows of the pump unit. Bend the flexible connectors gently into shape to line up the end nuts with the threads on the pump elbow. Secure all four of the end nuts with an adjustable wrench. The Pump unit can either hang suspended on the connectors, or rest on the floor of the cabinet, since there is no noise or vibration

5. Note the arrow indicating the water-flow direction. Water must flow from the hot to the cold line. Note also the temperature sensor, which shuts off the pump when hot water reaches the unit. The push-button activator wire runs to the push button shown in Step 6. The remote wire attaches to the remote master unit (Step 7). The power cord plugs into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet under the sink.
6. Drill a hole in a convenient location in the cabinet near the sink and mount the push-button activator that's supplied with the pump unit. Connect it to the pump-activator wire shown in Step 5.
7. Connect the remote receiver unit to the remote wire on the pump. Mount the remote receiver unit anywhere under the sink. The remote transmitter button can be used at any other sink on the hot water line, up to 75'' away, even through walls and doors.

D'MAND System: Installation Video

If your home has a Pressure Regulator Valve that acts as a back flow prevention valve, you must have an expansion tank in the system before installing a D’MAND System.


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